Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Finished: Snake Eyes’ Angels Encarmine Add-ons

Hey guys!

Whew! Its been a couple of really exhausting weeks. School’s beginning to wind down with Thanksgiving around the corner, but my commissions load has been staying steady!

I was hoping to have this done before Saturday, in order to get them back to Snake Eyes, but, amongst school work and other life issues, I couldn’t do it. I also didn’t want to rush through a paint job; I don’t sacrifice quality for speed.

This commission consisted of:

  • OOP Lemartes converted to Reclusiarch with Jump Pack/Plasma Pistol
  • 10 Assault Marines with fully magnetized Sgt.
  • GW Direct Order Vanguard Veteran
  • Furioso Librarian Dreadnought (Love this model!)


The most difficult part of this commission was matching the prior paint scheme. The scheme consisted of no metallic paints, but instead, a psuedo-NMM; Codex Grey for silver, mainly.



You can see the greys for the Meltagun nozzles. I’m really happy with the yellow, I’m always worried it’ll come out too streaky…


Having two plasma pistols on a Sgt. is just funny, btw….




Brother ‘Socrates’: 39 confirmed kills, including Hive Tyrant '”Parexes’ Bane” in Single Combat…sounds cool, no?


Even without arms, he’s still fairly intimidating…


I used to hate this model, but having a chance to sit down and work with it changed my mind. Shame it got replaced with the Legion of the Damned wannabe…


A lot of fun with this model! Not super happy with the sword effect, but it turned out nonetheless. Very topheavy though, and, despite GS cementing that sword, I’m worried its going to get damaged a lot. It is varnished though, hoping that helps.

And, again, the group:


Glad to have these babies all done! I now get to enjoy the night with some painting (maybe I’ll finish those Tau…) and movies with the girlfriend! I may have my next commission in tomorrow, so stay tuned!



  1. lol all he needed was a left handed power sword!

  2. IMO, one more C/C weapon would have just been overkill... and 2 P/P's, that's what I call Twin Linked, LIKE A BAWSS :)

    Seriously Tho, everything looks outstanding as usual!!!

  3. Looks great...I will enjoy seeing this on the battlefield across from me....
    ...not sure if I will enjoy playing against it.

  4. @Snake-Eyes: Glad you like them man!
    @Magilla: I'm sure your henchmen would have no problems taking care of some Assault Marines ;)