Sunday, October 23, 2011

Finished: Ultramarines Land Raider ‘Fury of Guilliman’

Hey guys,

Sorry again for the really slow week on the blog. School and life have been kicking my butt, so there hasn’t been a lot of 40k stuff hanging out in my life. Homework on Wednesday, gallery crawl/date on Thursday, Pumpkin carving on Friday…man where’d the time go?!

That doesn’t mean I’ve been shirking in my commissions, though!




Man I love these FW doors, totally beautiful pieces. For some reason, my shot of the Assault Ramp door was corrupted…


Etched into the hull by the finest Artificers…or me with a brush…hmmm…


Everyone owns an Ultramarine!


Flamestorm Cannons both have the charred look on the barrels, as well as red promitheum barrels to match the lights.


‘One of these things is not like the other!’

Well, now that these are done, its time to get my next project ready to go. I already got the tabs clipped off the Khador Winter Guard, so I’ll be priming and painting a little bit today. Really easy models to do, and I can’t wait for the Dragon Forge bases to come in! Hopefully Monday!