Saturday, July 20, 2013

7/20/13: Finished: Apocalypse Armageddon Steel Legion Infantry

Hey guys!

So its finally done! 191 Imperial Steel Legionnaires, completed in under two weeks, for a client attending Apocalypticon (Link Here). Its definitely been an experience, I've never painted this many pieces, and especially not this quick! Lets jump in, shall we?

The entire group!

Heavy Weapons Teams A and B, they're numbered as well, so the client can throw them in different units and mix them up without confusion!

Red Platoon Command. Diggin' the 3 Plasma/Lasgun choice, though I'd probably have to throw a Vox on that bad boy, personally!

Red Platoon

Blue Platoon Command

Blue Platoon

Green Platoon Command

Green Platoon

Heavy Weapons Squads C and D. Just like the Lascannon Teams, they're numbered for easy identification.

Various additional guardsmen. Some will be going to additional units, while others are going to be manning Mortar teams, eventually.

Armageddon Steel Legion clash with Alpha Legion cultists, while a Baneblade moves in for support!

Die Chaos scum!

Whew! Its definitely been fun rocking these guys out, if not a little repetitious, but they're done, minus a little matte varnish. Next up is the finishing touches on that Space Wolves commission, and then I'm off next weekend to help my family (they own a restaurant about 4 hours from where I live) with a commission of their own! I'll definitely have pictures up!

Lastly though, we've got a little bit of a sneak peek at my new personal project. I'll reveal it when I get the first 400 points done, but here's a little teaser, its for our new narrative campaign I'm running at Durango Game Space!

Any guesses? It should be pretty easy...

Back to work!


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