Monday, April 14, 2014

4/14/14: Tzeentch's Trap Good Games Terrain Set

Hey guys!

Been super busy as I start to to pack for my big move! For those of you who don't know, I'm moving from Durango at the end of the month; will be in Gunnison for the summer, then moving up to Denver! Hoping to meet some new gamers and build Smells Like Wargaming up there, so I'll have more information as the time gets closer.

Doesn't mean I'm not busy though! This is the 4th table I've done for Good Games down in Farmington, and we've got one more to do before the 24th...time to break out the hardcore caffeine! This table was a lot of fun to do, I wanted to opt for a more chaotic table on a moonscape; the thought was that a warp portal, leading to Tzeentch's labyrinthine domain, had begun to destroy an old Mechanicum mining facility, which had revealed the Chaotic relics. Enough chatter, pictures!

The hills are made from pink foam solidified with wood glue, covered in playground sand, and sprayed black, grey, then dusted white. I'll be hitting the undersides with purple, to add to the Tzeentchian theme.

The portal was airbrushed to give a better transition between the purple, blue, and reds.

I opted for a rusty orange (I know, rust doesn't exist in a non-oxygen rich environment), it compliments the purple nicely.

The most interesting part is the size of the hills. They count as buildings to climb (4+ you get to the top), and grant cover to lots of bigger models, like the Lord of Skulls here or the new Knight Titans.

Cultists swarm the floating asteroids... Arkos and the Faithless swarm out from the Chaotic portal!

The last thing the AdMech Explorator team saw before being destroyed by the forces of Chaos!

Next up is a quick Dark Angels assembly commission, a C'Tan of galactic proportions, and the fifth table for Good Games! Should be a busy finish to the month, so stay tuned!


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