Friday, October 3, 2014

10/3/14: Finished: Imperial Fists Pre-Heresy Felblade

Hey folks!

Next up on catching up on blogposts is a giant yellow tank! Client has a Pre-Heresy Imperial Fists army *drools* and wanted his Felblade done up as a centerpiece for it! We did some talking, and he wanted to break up the yellow, yet still keep it recognizable as an Imperial Fists vehicle. Enter weathering powders!

The beast in all her glory! I started by priming the model black, the spraying it brown, then dusting with white and grey. Black areas were masked off, then weathered with the rest of it. 

I used a combination of dark brown, light brown, grey, orange, and black weathering powders on it, working mostly into crevices and front edges to show weathering and dirt coverage. Several coats of varnish were applied to keep the powder on the model. 

The Fist is some leftover Brass etching I got from a commission a LONG time ago. You can also see, through the dust, the name 'Hammer of Dorn'. I tried to imitate the scrimshaw that the Imperial Fists become known for. 

The decals are from the Baneblade transfer sheet and the blocky, Bauhaus-style font really works for the Imperial Fists. 

I had a ton of fun with this model, I may have to do another one in the future sometime! Just need to find a Marine chapter I want to work on for a bit! Iron Hands? Crimson Fists? Rainbow Warriors? Oh help us!

Working on yet another Knight Titan at the moment, still waiting on the Reaver to fully arrive. Should be really interesting, I love huge Forge World models! Still need to show off the Nurgle Daemons too! Man, I really am behind!



  1. Nice work Granesh! Love the way the browns and the yellows work together. Looks not just battle worn, but tested by heat and fire!

  2. You have achieved an excellent balance between the bright yellow paint and the dark, gritty weathering. This really does look like a vehicle that has been operating in a very active warzone! I would love to see your take on a 30K Word Bearers army, particularly one that's still waging war on Calth after the rest of their Legion abandoned them.

    1. Thanks Ephrael! I love working with yellow, as well as playing with weathering powders, so this project was perfect for me! Now that I look back, I sort of wish I'd weathered the sides a little bit more, but hey! I've really wanted to do more Horus Heresy stuff, the Red of the Word Bearers would be fun to mess and play with. Maybe a diorama with Guilliman and Erebus fighting...hmmm...

      I am doing a Vulkan in the near future, so stay tuned!