Tuesday, October 7, 2014

10/7/14: Finished: The Fecund Host of the Plague Father Nurgle Daemons Army

Hey guys!

This has been a project months and months in the making. Back in April, before moving from Durango, I traded that old Ork army I'd had lying around for a group of beat up Nurgle CSM and Daemons. I've always wanted to play with the new Plaguebearers, so as soon as I saw 30 of them, I was super excited! Some additions, cleanup, conversions, and some love with a paintbrush, and they're now a rockin' group of daemons that'd make Papa Nurgle proud! This army was mainly an exercise in using the airbrush on smaller models and using washes to achieve sickly, rotting areas.

The Great Unclean One, the Warlord of the force. I hate GW's metal/resin blob, so I opted for the FW's Mamon model. Works so much better, plus the detail on him is amazing!

Dat Nurgle hottub!

The first of three Heralds. I'm missing a picture of the 3rd one, but he matches the one above. The one below was part of the original lot, hence the missing antlers and reclining Nurgling. It bothered me enough to pick up a third one!

The palanquins were simple conversions of cutting the top of 2 Nurgling bases flat and adding two wooden chits on top! Those were weathered and rusted quickly, and two rare earth magnets were added to them and the bases of the Heralds. Quick and easy! 

Two groups of 20 Plaguebearers! Running these with a Plagueridden, Plague Banner, Instrument, with the Heralds attached. Heralds have the Locus of Fecundity, so they become a 21 man tarpit that can execute characters and eat their way through nearly any unit in the game! 

A selection of the Plaguebearers so you can see detail. 

Everyone needs Nurglings! Have another two bases waiting for finishing touches. These guys will be objective campers on the back of the board for sure. 

Two Daemon Princes; both count as Nurgle with Wings, Armor, and Mastery Level 2 and a Greater Aetherblade. Both are repurposed from trades and old models, and the green one was done to tie in with the Nurgle Chaos Marines. Still works for the Daemons though!

My favorite units in the army are these bad boys. Picked up two boxes so I can run them as 2 groups of 3 or one big group. Nurgle needs a fast unit, and these guys definitely take the cake!

Some individual shots too! The wings are my favorite part, they just came out so nice!

By turning heads and limbs, you can get them an even greater look of movement!

Ah, the little Herald that comes with Mamon. I'm actually running this as a Beast of Nurgle. 

He received the staff from Festus the Leechlord to add some height and interest to the back of the model!

And, because I couldn't resist, I had to pick up a Blight Drone. This guy painted up super quickly and looks great with the rest of the army! The huge tracts of rusted metal is a big contrast from the overly fleshy tone of the army. I'd love to pick up another one and make them a bigger unit, but we'll see!

And with some Plaguebearers for scale; this fellow is huge!

And last, but certainly not least, the Soul Grinder! This is the Forge World Plague Hulk model I'm using as a Soul Grinder, this guy provides the AA and vehicle killing power the army needs! Plus the model is amazing!

Gotta arm him with the Phlegm upgrade, it'd be foolish not to!

I also mounted him on a spare Valkyrie base for good measure and to keep the feet from chipping!

Don't have space for a full army shot yet, but I'm hoping to remedy that at some point! I had a lot of fun working on this army, and I'm currently working on an Armies on Parade board to show them off! I don't get to play 40k that often anymore, so we'll see what happens with the army after that! May hold onto them for the occasional game and display more than anything!

Alrighty! Back on track, October is gonna be packed with one HUGE, TITANIC model. I'd rather not spoil too much yet, but I'm very excited!

Stay tuned!



  1. This is absolutely amazing work. I don't even know where to get started. Everything is just disgusting looking, which means it's perfect. I think my favorite bits of your work is the amazing weathering on the larger models. The rust/wear just looks extremely realistic and "3D" as opposed to the standard 2D style rust you tend to see. Lot of dimension in your models, and little character bits showing all sort of cleverness.

    Are you attending any conventions in the states in 2015? I hope so, cause this is one of those armies that would be great to see in person!

    1. Thanks a lot Greg, I really appreciate the kind words! I've always enjoyed a more realistic looking army, so combining that with essentially a speed paint project was a nice challenge and a lot of fun.

      I'm attending Genghis Con in Aurora, CO, this year for sure, and I'm trying to make plans for Adepticon, but we'll see about that one!

      Thanks again!