Monday, February 16, 2015

2/16/15: Showcase: Questoris Knight Styrix Commission

Howdy folks!

Yet another Knight to add to the portfolio! I think I've done almost 30 now...I'll have to check...anywho, this one joins the Legio Titanicus/House Raven army I've been doing pieces for since May of last year. This client now has a warhound, 3 magnetized plastic Knights, and all five Forge World Knights! Not an army to scoff at!

The completed beast in all his glory!

'Grimaud' comes from the Three Musketeers, and follows the naming system for the rest of the army!

Left shoulderpad detail; if you're doing a lot of Knights, its definitely worth picking up the Iron Hands transfer sheet from Forge World. The skull and cog icon are from that sheet, and it definitely helps with the Mechanicum feel of the model!

Right shoulderpad detail; the sword decal is from the Eldar transfer sheet.

Really happy with the basing, the pieces are a mix of the Garden of Morr kit and the Arcane Ruins kit.

Some fall ivy was added to draw the eye and add some extra detail to the rest of the model!

Supported by House Hawkshroud and the Imperial Fists 1st Company, the Styrix stalks the ruined streets.

I'll have to do a full head count, but I'm certain I've done two dozen Knights since they dropped last year. Not that I'm complaining, I love the kit!

Tomorrow, I'll be dropping the results of Genghis Con; very good showing this year! Also have some Malifaux to start, as well as some other projects!

Stay tuned!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

2/12/15: Showcase: For Sale Nurgle Chaos Space Marines Army

Howdy folks!

So I finally found some time to wrap up this army! I picked up a big group of Nurgle models before I moved from Durango last April; one half became my Gold-winning Armies on Parade force, while the second half turned into this! An amalgamation of secondhand and spare models, this group of ragtag models turned into a great looking army, if I do say so myself! 

[eBay link goes here] I'm asking $1250 OBO for this army, which includes free shipping anywhere in the continental US. If you're interested in adding this army to your collection, please drop me an email at SmellsLikeWargaming at Hotmail dot com, and we'll hash something out!

The entire army comes in at 2200 points, and consists of:

-Chaos Terminator Sorcerer
-3 Nurgle Terminators
-Nurgle Land Raider
-20 Nurgle Cultists, perfect for running as zombies!
-Two 6 man Plague Marine Squads with Rhinos
-Nurgle Heldrake
-Nurgle Helbrute with Plasma Cannon
-Nurgle Forgefiend
-Nurgle Predator

Obviously, the terrain and Imperial Fists aren't included with the army! I had a lot of fun with this force, and it was a great way to practice using my airbrush and get an army painted! I'm just always looking for new and exciting armies to paint! Add this army to your collection today!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2/10/15: Showcase: Adeptus Mechanicum Detachment

Howdy folks!

Its been quite on this side of the Smells Like Wargaming front, I apologize! I've got some stuff to throw together and share over here, I promise!

This time around, though, we have a group of Mechanicum forces to join the Reaver Titan I completed last October! This group consists of:

  • Archmagos on Abeyant
  • 3 Thallax 
  • 2 Castellax Automata
  • House Raven Knight Titan
Enough chit chat though....

Family portrait!

The Archmagos on his Abeyant. The client wanted him with the hooded head and not the Dark Mechanicum character.

You can see he slots right into the base. Really enjoyed doing the displays and tubes of blood.

Beneath his hood, he's still human! How much so is up for debate....

The Thallax cohort; the hazard stripes denotes the special weapon, and all of them got decals to denote squads.

The duo of Castellax; again, like the Thallax, they got decals denoting each one, and got some extras to fill out their big shoulderpads.

The mechanicum decal comes from the Forge World Iron Hands transfer sheet; a must have for anyone working on Mechanicum, Iron Hands, or even Imperial Knights!

And the big boy, a magnetized House Raven Knight! Lots of fun on this one, finally found a shade of red for the airbrush I'm happy with!

And with the Thermal Cannon!

The client wanted the bare mech-skull look, which let me spend some extra time on the eyes and cables on the head.

Gotta love that hazard striping!

The checkerboard pattern comes from the Ork transfer sheet that comes with GW kits; saves a lot of time!

Mechanicum Automata clash with the servants of Nurgle!

Castellax take on a fell Helbrute of Nurgle!

The Archmagos and his Thallax bodyguard advance under the support of a House Raven Knight Titan!

I can't say enough how much I enjoyed painting these models! The thallax and castellax go together beautifully, and paint up just as well! The Archmagos has a lot of extra little details that really makes painting fun as well!

Whew! This week slows down quite a bit on the painting side, with a daytrip tomorrow, an early Valentines Day with the girlfriend, and Genghis Con on Saturday! I've got a post planned for my entries on Thursday, so stay tuned!


Thursday, January 29, 2015

1/29/15: Showcase: Tau Riptide and Death Korps of Krieg Valkyrie

Good evening folks!

Another week, another group of projects to show you all! The cycle never ends, and I'm alright with that!

This time around, we have a Green Lantern-inspired Tau Riptide and a Valkyrie, done for the same client. You'll be seeing more of the Green Tau soon, as the client is commissioning a larger force here down the road! Lets start with the Riptide!

The Riptide in all his green glory! All weapon options are magnetized for full optimization! Fun to do some techniques I don't usually work with, while still using things like transfers and lens effects.

Phenomenal cosmic power! Itty bitty tiny head!

Can't forget the Missile Drones! The addition of a transfer to the front helps give them extra character.

The second model was an Imperial Valkyrie, done to match the client's Death Korps army. All wing weapons are magnetized for whatever the need!

The client's army is called the Iron Wolves, and wanted a transfer to represent that. I took the wolf's head one from the Space Wolves sheet and did a little detail work with a brush to give it a mechanical look!

I always encourage clients getting a Valkyrie done to get the Forge World Transfer sheet to go with it. Not only does it have the nice wing transfers, but also pilot names, as well as....

...nose art! Gotta love that look!

Simple trench base to match with the DKoK. The sign is scratchbuilt, the barbed wire is twisted lengths of wire, and the base was given a touch of gloss varnish to simulate mud and muck!

The Valkyrie readies to unleash its payload...

...while the Riptide steadies for the incoming flyer!

Really enjoyed working on these, especially the Riptide! Stay tuned, as more of the Tau army should be coming down the pipeline shortly!

Next up is Malifaux, a character for an RPG, and some Mechanicus! Genghis Con is just around the corner as well, so I'll be sharing my entries for that very soon! One project is going to be a lot of fun!

Stay tuned!