Thursday, January 29, 2015

1/29/15: Showcase: Tau Riptide and Death Korps of Krieg Valkyrie

Good evening folks!

Another week, another group of projects to show you all! The cycle never ends, and I'm alright with that!

This time around, we have a Green Lantern-inspired Tau Riptide and a Valkyrie, done for the same client. You'll be seeing more of the Green Tau soon, as the client is commissioning a larger force here down the road! Lets start with the Riptide!

The Riptide in all his green glory! All weapon options are magnetized for full optimization! Fun to do some techniques I don't usually work with, while still using things like transfers and lens effects.

Phenomenal cosmic power! Itty bitty tiny head!

Can't forget the Missile Drones! The addition of a transfer to the front helps give them extra character.

The second model was an Imperial Valkyrie, done to match the client's Death Korps army. All wing weapons are magnetized for whatever the need!

The client's army is called the Iron Wolves, and wanted a transfer to represent that. I took the wolf's head one from the Space Wolves sheet and did a little detail work with a brush to give it a mechanical look!

I always encourage clients getting a Valkyrie done to get the Forge World Transfer sheet to go with it. Not only does it have the nice wing transfers, but also pilot names, as well as....

...nose art! Gotta love that look!

Simple trench base to match with the DKoK. The sign is scratchbuilt, the barbed wire is twisted lengths of wire, and the base was given a touch of gloss varnish to simulate mud and muck!

The Valkyrie readies to unleash its payload...

...while the Riptide steadies for the incoming flyer!

Really enjoyed working on these, especially the Riptide! Stay tuned, as more of the Tau army should be coming down the pipeline shortly!

Next up is Malifaux, a character for an RPG, and some Mechanicus! Genghis Con is just around the corner as well, so I'll be sharing my entries for that very soon! One project is going to be a lot of fun!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

1/22/15: For Sale: The Sanguinor

Howdy folks!

So like I've said, one of my big New Year's goals on the hobby side is to work through all my old, extra models and give them a purpose. Whether or not they make it into one of my larger projects, get shelved, or get sold depends on the piece!

This time around, I decided to get an old Sanguinor model I got secondhand years ago painted and ready for the tabletop! All my personal projects usually end up as practice projects too, so I opted for a general speed paint with an emphasis on actual metallic paints, as I've always seen those as an area I can improve on!

The beast! I opted for a Black Legion shoulderpad on his base to add narrative and theme.

Lots of fun with the little fiddly scrollwork! Easily my favorite part!

Lots of gems and icons everywhere! The sword was airbrushed; not my best turnout on a sword, but it does its job and compliments the large amount of red and warm golds on the model.

The Sanguinor ascends to crush the forces of chaos!

As stated in the title, this model is for sale! I'm going to leave him on my various social medias and here on the blog before opting for eBay. I'm asking $60 for him, which includes shipping to anywhere in the continental US! I do ship internationally, but we'll have to adjust for shipping costs! Sons of Baal, give this angelic monster a loving home to crush the enemies of Sanguinius! For Baal! For the Primarch!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1/20/15: Finished: Sons of Malice Chaos-Aligned Knight Titan

Howdy folks!

So since the Knight model came out last March, I believe I've had the pleasure of working on almost two dozen of the beasts, either as commission pieces, for sale projects, etc. I love the model, they're amazing to work with, and with the transfer sheets, look great when done correctly! This Knight, however, is a departure from all the other ones I've had the pleasure of working on!

The model arrived with some conversion work done already, namely the Lash whips on the arms, as well as the Maulerfiend head on the Melta Cannon. I had a clear idea on where I wanted to take this model, and I immediately set to work!

Both guns are magnetized. Also not entirely sure why one picture has a warm hue and the other a cold hue...

Eye see you! You can also see the chains added to the neck area; the hooks are from the Chaos Vehicle accessory sprue.

The spikes are Carnifex and Hive Tyrant scything talons that were inserted into drilled holes and cut off at the end to fit the carapace. The hatch was bent to appear like it'd been wrenched open, and the icons are taken from various kits.

The Sons of Malice are renowned for hunting other Chaos Warbands, only aiding them if it helps their end goal of getting their homeworld back. 

The Sons of Malice skull was freehanded on the shoulderpad, then weathered to match the rest of the model.

Most of the decals were taken from the upgraded Chaos Marine transfer sheet; theres some really nice ones on there! 

Lots of jeweler's chain was added for a barbaric, rusted, and ancient look. It was painted off the model, then glued on, and finally weathered to match the rest of the model and to give it a rusty appearance. 

Lysander and his bodyguard move in to annihilate the rampaging Knight! (Rolled the dice for it yesterday, and Lysander's squad won out!)

What a wonderfully fun model to work on! I may need to do more Chaos-aligned Knights, maybe with a more Dark Mechanicus theme? We'll see! Next up is a House Hawkshroud Knight, hoping to get him entered into Genghis Con this year! Expect pictures of him in the next couple days!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

1/17/15: Finished: Imperial Fists Tarantula Turret Sentry

Hey folks!

Like a lot of you, I love Forge World models. I've done everything from basic infantry to Titans, and its always a lot of fun to work on. I especially love the models you don't see very often! A couple weeks ago, I had to order a transfer sheet from FW for an upcoming commission, and as I had a little extra spending money, I decided to pick up something small for my Imperial Fists. Obviously, I decided on the Tarantula!

I'd never seen one in person, so I was a little surprised when it arrived! 

You get the base, then the...wait...Space Marine Razorback turret? I'd never paid enough attention to those, but its simply the turret added to a base!

Washed, assembled, based, and sprayed. For my yellows, I prime black, then airbrush the lower areas of the model with brown. Once dry, I spray white. Lastly, I spray the yellow, which coats well thanks to the white, and shades thanks to the brown. I use a lot of weathering powders for shading and effects, so the model got 3 or 4 coats of varnish.

And the completed model! About an hour from start to finish, this piece was incredibly fun to work on! Though the rules aren't amazing for normal 40k, I'd gladly run these in smaller games or even Zone Mortalis!

I'll have to get pictures of the Fists here soon, I'm starting to wrap them up, though there's still plenty of models I want to get for them!

Next up are more Imperial Knights, some Eagle Warriors, and a hodgepodge of other models!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

1/15/15: Finished: Logan Grimnar and Friends Space Wolves Army Commission

Howdy folks, and Happy New Years...what do you mean I'm two weeks late?

Anyways, I haven't been neglecting the blog here, I was hoping to make this my first post of the new year, and after I finished the Iron Hands Storm Eagle, I took a break for the holidays. Did some personal projects I need to show off here at some point, but I was hardly idle!

This commission was a long time in the making; after selling a Space Wolves Drop Pod I'd painted for fun earlier this year, the customer got in contact with me about doing a Space Wolves force for him. He'd had poor service and results from another service I won't name here, but I told him we'd get him a force he'd be happy with! The army consists of:

  • Logan Grimnar on Stormrider
  • Arjac Rockfist
  • 20 Blood Claws with 2 freehanded Wolf Standards
  • 3 Venerable Dreadnoughts, one of which being Murderfang
  • 2 Stormfang Gunships
  • 2 Stormwolf Transports
Enough chatter though, you want pictures!

The completed army, save for the fliers.... they don't fit in the picture! Very happy with how the army looks all together!

Very happy to see Logan Grimnar get an update in a plastic kit! I hope GW releases more of the older powerhouses, like Dante or Abaddon, in a form like this! 

And with Stormrider! The model is magnetized to his base, so you can place Logan either on his ride or let him slog across the battlefield!

Had a lot of fun with Arjac here, the client specifically wanted him to have a black skintone. Gorgeous model, even in Finecast!

The first squad of Blood Claws with freehanded Wolf Standard. Lots of fun with the banner!

Design is based off the art in the Drop Pod's entry in the 5th Edition Codex. Only thing not freehanded was the howling wolf; its a decal, which was then painted over to tie better into the painted look of the banner.

And the second Blood Claws squad! Wanted to go with a simpler design, so I enlarged the Wolf Stalking the Stars design. Still a lot of fun to do!

I was surprised, but I actually loved working on this model! The mix of colors and techniques just makes him a treat to paint!

Close up of his face and chest armor; the insignia is two transfers, placed then trimmed to fit the space.

And who doesn't love Venerable Dreadnoughts! The first one got an Axe and Shield.

The Second one is fully magnetized!

All that arm detail, and he can even switch over to the Axe and Shield in the end if so desired!

Stormwolf Transport #1. Each vehicle got a different marking to distinguish between them, and the different types got different colored canopies to clearly distinguish types across any sized table!

All the sponson weapons are magnetized too!

Stormfang #1; I opted for lots of brass to really make these look old and venerable.

Don't mess with the Helfrost Cannon!

Here's a close up on the base detail; its done with Agrellan Earth which, when dried and cracked, was washed and painted various shades of blue!

Stormfangs bring down an Alpha Legion Heldrake with ease....

...while Logan Grimnar engages a monstrous Great Unclean One!

And, because I couldn't find pictures of it on the blog here....'s the Drop Pod that started it all!

Great way to start the year off I believe, these were a pleasure to work on! I've got a couple more projects slated for this month; a couple of Imperial Knights, a Valkyrie, and a Riptide, along with preparations for Genghis Con next month! Should be a very busy rest of the month, so stay tuned!