Wednesday, April 16, 2014

4/16/14: Finished: Galactic Transcendent C'tan

Hey folks!

Three blogposts in under a week?! What the hell happened to Granesh?! Well, good sirs and madams, I've been hard at work, that's what! I received this commission while I was out in Hawaii last month; a previous client, looking to get some work done on his Necrons, approached me with an interesting idea: Turn a six inch action figure of Dr. Manhattan into a Transcendent C'tan. We all know Dr. Manhattan is the ultimate C'tan, so I gladly obliged. He gave me some specs, and we were off. I'm incredibly happy with how he turned out, so enough chit-chat, more star god!

The client wanted him to appear as a mass of space; galaxies, nebulas, the occasional planet or two, and lots of stars! The Nebulas are airbrushed, gradually mixing up to white. 

The muscles were lightly highlighted with Midnight Blue, and the stars were done by putting white paint on an old toothbrush and gently running my thumb down the bristles, flicking the paint onto the model. I had to repeat that a couple times, as working on other areas would cover them up. I did some stars with blue as well, to add variation to the model.

The client wanted him on an early spring base, so I based it like normal, then lightly airbrushed white onto the flock and the rocks. Then it was a matter of carefully applying the snow!

The galaxy was a quickly airbrushed blob, which was then handpainted to include the swirling arms and the internal glowing mass.

And a scale shot of him next to one of my cultists! You better run stupid, he's gonna turn you into cosmic matter!

 Alrighty! The next week and a half is devoted to the fifth terrain commission for Good Games, so expect updates on that constantly on Facebook and Twitter! It sounds like they're going to be needing Fantasy terrain next, so it should be exciting to see some Fantasy terrain come across the painting desk! Might work on another Knight too, so stay tuned!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4/15/14: Finished: Deathwing Assembly Commission

Hey guys!

So about a week ago, I was approached via email by a gentleman just getting into 40k. Having just trashed a unit of Devastators, he said, he was looking to get a squad of Deathwing Knights assembled, as well as Belial, along with both his weapon options. I was happy to oblige, of course!

Now, here at Smells Like Wargaming, we do, in fact, perform just assembly commissions. I charge a little bit more for assembly than if I was building AND painting the models (I prefer that, of course), but can build and magnetize everything from Tactical Marines to Land Raiders and even Forge World monstrosities! That being said, pictures!

Now look at that Watcher in the Dark, and tell me they aren't all Chaos Marines in disguise...

The Thunder Hammer is from the DW Knight kit, and the Storm Shield is from the old Dark Angels Accessories Sprue.

He looks like a boss with that Storm Shield, even if it looks a little small on him!

Alrighty, time to start on a C'tan and the fifth and final table for Good Games!


Monday, April 14, 2014

4/14/14: Tzeentch's Trap Good Games Terrain Set

Hey guys!

Been super busy as I start to to pack for my big move! For those of you who don't know, I'm moving from Durango at the end of the month; will be in Gunnison for the summer, then moving up to Denver! Hoping to meet some new gamers and build Smells Like Wargaming up there, so I'll have more information as the time gets closer.

Doesn't mean I'm not busy though! This is the 4th table I've done for Good Games down in Farmington, and we've got one more to do before the 24th...time to break out the hardcore caffeine! This table was a lot of fun to do, I wanted to opt for a more chaotic table on a moonscape; the thought was that a warp portal, leading to Tzeentch's labyrinthine domain, had begun to destroy an old Mechanicum mining facility, which had revealed the Chaotic relics. Enough chatter, pictures!

The hills are made from pink foam solidified with wood glue, covered in playground sand, and sprayed black, grey, then dusted white. I'll be hitting the undersides with purple, to add to the Tzeentchian theme.

The portal was airbrushed to give a better transition between the purple, blue, and reds.

I opted for a rusty orange (I know, rust doesn't exist in a non-oxygen rich environment), it compliments the purple nicely.

The most interesting part is the size of the hills. They count as buildings to climb (4+ you get to the top), and grant cover to lots of bigger models, like the Lord of Skulls here or the new Knight Titans.

Cultists swarm the floating asteroids... Arkos and the Faithless swarm out from the Chaotic portal!

The last thing the AdMech Explorator team saw before being destroyed by the forces of Chaos!

Next up is a quick Dark Angels assembly commission, a C'Tan of galactic proportions, and the fifth table for Good Games! Should be a busy finish to the month, so stay tuned!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

4/5/14: Finished: Khorne Lord of Skulls

Hey folks!

Man, its been a busy week! Been working on the next set of terrain for Good Games, but I knew I needed another project to keep me occupied. Having just finished the Knight, I set my sights on another Superheavy I'd had sitting on my shelf unpainted for quite some time! Now, a lot of people don't like the model, but I'm rather fond of it; what's more daemonic engine than a Berserker Centaur tank that spits blood? That's what I thought!

Anyways, I broke out the airbrush, got him primed, and set to work!

The beast in all his glory! Unlike the Knight, this model has a LOT of trim. I started with the red and the glow effects, then started masking off said red to do the brass.

I opted for a dark, foreboding look to the piece. He is a Daemon Engine, after all!

The brass was sprayed gold, then washed with Agrax, Nuln Oil, Carroberg Crimson, and a touch of Druchii Violet. Once dry, I gently sponged both gold and chainmail to brighten it back up. Once dry, I gently dusted select areas with Nihlakh Oxide; after spraying it on the model, I ran my finger across it to settle it in the recesses, and give a patina look. This is an ancient terror, after all!

The blood tanks are all at different levels, and I tried to simulate depth and splashes in them as well. 

I opted to do the skulls all over the model as brass, rather than actual bone color. It sped things up, yes, but also adds to the eeriness of the model to actually blend them into the rest of the armor.

The dozerblade was done like the rest of the brass, and a glow effect was added at the vents for an added creepy level!

This guy's a beast in game, that's why I'd originally got him. Lots of flamer templates (and a torrent Flamestorm from the gut cannon), a D Chainaxe, and an AP2 skull cannon that forces rerolled armor saves! Buh-Bye Terminators! He also gains extra attacks for each Hull Point lost; if I recall correctly, a Lord of Skulls with 1 HP left has something like 12 D weapon attacks in Close Combat! Ouch!

I had a ton of fun with this model, but I'd rather see him go to a home that'd actually play him, so he'll be hitting the auction block, much like the Knight (Listing HERE). I've got other projects I want to paint next! Maybe a Forge World Great Unclean One....hmmmm...

Anyways, back to terrain! Should hopefully be done next week, but its going to be one hell of an April, so stay tuned!


Monday, March 31, 2014

3/31/14: Finished: House Taranis Imperial Knight Paladin

Hey guys!

So after finishing that table of terrain, I decided to make yesterday a personal hobby day, a day where I can play with my own miniatures, practice techniques, etc. Well after trying to decide on what to paint, I finally settled on my Imperial Knight I'd been assembling.

I also decided that it was time to bust out the airbrush, something I've never actually used on a model, let alone a $140 one! No guts no glory, right?

I settled on an established house and a flashy color scheme: House Taranis, with its heavily Mechanicum feel, would be an excellent scheme to practice! Enough chatter, more matter!

The base was a simple matter of using Vallejo's Black Lava after attaching a old ruined statue from the Return of the King starter set. After that was done, the entire model was sprayed black. The carapace and armor pieces were left separate for painting. 

All the metal pieces were based with Leadbelcher, then were shaded with black and dark brown weathering powders, then sealed. Once dry, I airbrushed Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade, and touches of Drakenhof Nightshade to tone the metal. After all that was dry, I carefully sponged Chainmail on to simulate scuffs and chipping. Cables were repainted black. 

The armor plates were airbrushed with Badger's Angelic Blood, and was highlighted by mixing a touch of Mephiston Red into the brush with the Angelic Blood. After that was dry, I gently misted chainmail over the red; it gives it a subtle metalic sheen that doesn't show up great in the photos. Once dry, I masked off areas and sprayed grey, then white, to shade the white armor plates. 

The eyes, like the carapace hatch, are green, to compliment the bright red of the armor. I opted for my least favorite mask, as its the most Mechanicus-looking one in the set!

The transfers were applied very carefully following the instructions in White Dwarf weekly from a couple weeks ago (the Helbrute one). All surfaces were gloss varnished. The transfer then sat in a tupperware container with moist paper towels to prep, then were brushed directly onto the model. Once they were placed correctly, I applied Micro-Sol setting solution onto the decal to smooth and seal. After they were all finished, they were, of course, matte varnished!

Whew! Well this bad boy, as much as I love how he turned out, is going to be for sale on eBay (Link HERE) so I can do some different schemes and fund some other projects at the same time! I've got a commission coming in May of 3 of these bad boys backing up a Warhound Titan, so stay tuned for more Knights coming down the pipeline!

Next up: more terrain!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

3/30/14: Finished: Armageddon Prime Good Games Terrain Set

Hey guys!

Its been a busy week! Wrapped up those Fire Wasps, the Transcendent C'tan, and I've been working on a TON of terrain for Good Games again! There's going to be another two tables and, I promise, you WON'T want to miss them!

This table was themed on Armageddon Prime, so lots of Ork glyphs and colors, with traces of Imperial vehicles. This was a very quick set, they needed it for today, actually, so the buildings and vehicles were painted quick, as was the board. Enough chatter, the pictures!

The table was done with Army Painter's Desert Yellow, while the rocks were sprayed grey and overbrushed white. Some touches of brown break up the yellow, just to add some variety.

And with the terrain! There are, as you can see, 4 buildings, 4 wrecked vehicles, and a set of Aegis Defense Lines. The lines were sprayed red and weathered to give them a pure orky look and to contrast hard from the table. 

The quad gun (its a little blurry, I know) was glued in to keep it a terrain piece and an objective! I removed the lower guns and replaced the barrels with the exhausts from an Ork Trukk. Some Ork glyphs, and BOOM! 

The buildings were primed with a textured black, then dusted with an orange spray. I let this spit a little too to add more texture and rust. Components were dusted grey and red to give it a rusted ork feel, and waterslides and freehand add character to each piece.

My favorite wrecked vehicle, beating up an Ork trukk was just too much fun! This one looks like it too one too many blast templates before rattling itself apart!

"Oh, that's friendly..." The glyphs were made from a sheet of plasticard; I sprayed it red, then drew in the glyph. I then cut, cleaned up, weathered, and glued it to the terrain. 

A destroyed Leman Russ, a forlorn sight, begins to crawl with Legion agents....

While Chosen man the Quad-Gun! Haven't shown you guys them yet, maybe I'll do another post tomorrow....

Alrighty! Today's a personal day, so I'm going to finish assembling my Knight Titan and try and work on my second squad of cultists. Easier said than done...

This month is going to be very busy, with 2 more tables of terrain, more Necrons, and hopefully a Knight Titan! I can dream big, can't I?


Thursday, March 27, 2014

3/27/14: Finished: Molten Transcendent C'tan

Hey guys!

Told you I was back in the swing of things! This project arrived today, something I was planning to work on next week, but thanks to Colorado's wonderfully unpredictable weather, its been snowing all day, so I had to put the terrain on hold for the day. However, that meant I could start on this bad boy!

My client wanted him to appear molten, glowing white from the center out to red, like a flame (well a painted flame, at least). I started by priming him white. I then broke out three colors: Lamenters Yellow, Fuegan Orange, and Baal Red; thats right, all glazes or washes, and set to work. I started with the yellow over the entire model. Once that dried, I mixed in some Fuegan Orange, and began working out. 

Dat ass! I went for black at the tips after referencing heated metals; the edges were black, while the core remained a glowing white/yellow.

His apparatus was done in a similar effect, though painted in, rather than washed. I wanted it to look like that, even despite the Necron's restraints, that the molten heat of the star god was still heating their equipment. The eyes were highlighted, and a glow effect added, with white, as was the Necron symbol on the device! The base is just for pictures; it belongs to the Imperial Fire Wasp from my latest tutorial. This bad boy is going back to live within his Tesseract Vault where he belongs!

Always fun, I love painting C'tan. There's just so much you can do with them! The next one will be the polar opposite of this guy, you won't want to miss him. Alrighty, back to the grindstone!