Sunday, July 20, 2014

7/20/14: Finished: Eldar Wraithknight Trio

Howdy folks!

I didn't get a chance to share my new Nurgle projects this week, but fret not! I'll get a post up on them next week at some point, I promise! In return, though, I blew through the latest commission to cross the painting desk and, boy, is this one a doozy! I've never had the misfortune to play against a Wraithknight (Toughness 8 and 6 Wounds?! Really?!), but I can't imagine playing against THREE! My Alpha Legion army wouldn't have a good answer for it, my old Guard would have had some issues, and my newest Nurgle force would still have their work cut out for them! Ahem...but I digress....enough chitchat, pictures!

The dirty trio in all their glory! The client has a deck-of-cards theme to his army; lots of harlequins with off-white, red, and black motifs. I was able to work this into each Knight by subtly theming each one to a suite; Diamond, Spade, and Hearts. 

As you can see, every option is magnetized. Wanna go crazy and run three Ghostglaive/Scattershield Wraithknights?! Go for it! Suncannons all around? Of course! All the magnets are consistent across all three models, so no need to keep track of each set either!

A shot of the bases before the Wraithknights were attached. My client's main opponent is a Children of Torment army (Slaanesh Black Legion), so he wanted them scattered across his bases.

'Diamonds' in all his badass glory! 

There's a gentle reflection effect done on his faceplate, and his pose, like all of them, evoke a look of urgency and attack. 

Love how his interaction with the base turned out!

'Hearts' braces for another shot! 

You can see the heart on the faceguard to designate him from the other two.

Those poor Terminators took some clean headshots, probably from the hiding group of Pathfinders. They're always a pain to find...

More freehanding for the Black Legion symbols!

And 'Spades', his left leg was cut and reposed to give him the appearance of leaping back from a missed enemy shot or attack. 

The checkering, I should point out, was done with a sharp blade and painter's tape. A general diamond pattern was cut out, and each individual piece was attached to the primed plate (black or red). Once affixed, they were sprayed with the airbrush the correct color, waited upon to dry, then carefully removed! Voila!

Little extra freehanding on his shoulderplate too!

Aww, that poor Aspiring Champion almost made it to Daemonhood....and no, he doesn't have two Chainfists, those Chaos Bayonets are crazy long...

Man, I had a lot of fun with this project! The client and I have been in talks about doing some Titans in the future so, fingers crossed, a Revenant or Phantom will cross the workbench! 

Alrighty! Next up are a whole mess of Imperial Knights, including one for Carl over at The Independent Characters which will be really cool, as well as more alternate Necrons, Nurgle Daemons, more zombies than you can shake a stick at, and an add-on to the Legio Metalica/House Raven commission I completed back in May. Looking forward to painting a Knight Lancer!

Also, Smells Like Wargaming will be moving house again the final week of July, so expect a minor delay in updates. I'm finally making my big move up to Denver with my girlfriend, which I'm incredibly excited for. I'm also going to have my own studio (!!!!) and be closer to more stores and conventions, so if anyone's in the Denver area, feel free to hit me up and maybe we can get a game in!

Things are heating up!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

7/13/14: Finished: Khorne/Slaanesh Word Bearers Daemons Detachment

Hey guys!

Been a lot of daemonic forces crossing the paint table over the last couple of weeks, both commission and personal! I'll share my new Nurgle guys soon but, for now, this post is for the commissioned group! This group consisted of:

  • Skarbrand (Made from the FW Bloodthirster)
  • Skull Cannon of Khorne (WHFB Hellcannon conversion)
  • 28 Daemonettes (The old Juan Diaz ones!)
  • Daemon Prince of Slaaneshi/Keeper of Secrets (Raging Heroes Asharah model)
  • 2 FW Renegade Psykers

Enough chit chat though, pictures!

Skarbrand! I received the model with an average paintjob. My client had me clean him up, rebase him, tarnish the wings, and sculpt a new axe.

I tarnished the brass with Nihlakh Oxide; it really compliments the red skintone and the green eyes.

The axe was built with cardstock, plasticard, and greenstuff. Not my best sculpting job, but it works!

The wings were tarnished with a dremel tool, and the edges were greenstuffed to show the old torn leather hanging off. The wings weren't totally destroyed so my client can run him as Skarbrand, a stock Bloodthirster, or Angraath.

The Juan Diaz Daemonettes. These were all secondhand models; they were stripped, rebased, and cleaned up rather nicely!

Just wonderful models!

That's a lot of death right there....

The first renegade psyker. Really creepy model, he painted up really quickly and to good effect!

Even threw a little script on the back for extra detail!

This is the second time I've gotten to paint this model, so it was really nice to come back and play with it again.

Even went for a skull tearing effect to really make the psyker look desperate.

The Skull Cannon of Khorne! Really interesting conversion, the hounds are Barghests from Puppets War, the cannon is a Hellcannon from Fantasy, and the rider is from the Chaos Warshrine!

Wanted to go for a glowing blood look, complimented with the greens of the rest of the army.


The Slaaneshi Daemon Prince! I'm sure she'd double nicely as a Keeper of Secrets too! The model is the limited edition Asharah model from Raging Heroes with the Terminator Lord familiar on the base.

The reds tie her back into the Word Bearers, as does the green on the book. Even opted for some tattoos and streaks in the hair to add to the Slaaneshi feel.

The pictures don't show it, but the Daemonettes also got flames on their loinclothes. I feel this really added needed detail to the model, and looks great too!

And the little familiar! The client had wanted to use the hand holding the book on the Daemon Prince, but preferred the sword and lash, so I still tried to work the book into the model!

And the finished group!

The Daemons of Slaanesh clash with Nurgle's chosen! 

Alrighty! Next up are a trio of Wraithknights, more Imperial Knights, some Necrons, and another addition to the first Legio Titanicus commission I completed back in May! Will have some pictures of my new Nurgle daemons too! Whew! 

Stay tuned and keep painting!


Monday, July 7, 2014

7/7/14: 'Serenity' Genghis Con 2014 Single Mini 3rd Place Winner

Hey folks!

So while digging through some pictures of older projects, I came across pictures of one of my Genghis Con 2014 entries I'd shown a couple pictures of, but never dedicated a blogpost to!

The final project ended up getting a sculpy plaque on the front that says 'Serenity'; that also got a butterfly to tie it into the rest of the project.

The model is Norbit from Ammon Miniatures, while the plinth is from Secret Weapon Miniatures. The butterflies are all handmade from paper which was painted orange then detailed with a fine detail brush.

The drool coming from his mouth is hotglue. I heated the gun, then put a small dab on my desk lamp and pulled down, stretching the glue. As it dried, I found the perfect bubbles and drips, trimmed them with an xacto, then glued them in place.

I tried a tarnished steel NMM effect; not perfect, but it did its job!

The base was done with a mix of paints and weathering powders. The skull is from a GW kit, and the tufts were added at the end to avoid any weird coloring!

This bad boy won me a 3rd Place award at Genghis Con 2014; I ended up bringing home four awards for four different projects this year, so its time to take my game to the next level and bring home some firsts!

Alrighty! I'll be back in the studio tomorrow, where I'll be finishing up lots of Daemons and getting ready to rock out some Wraithknights! Picked up a box of these bad boys too, so expect more Nurgle work too!


Monday, June 30, 2014

6/30/14: WIP: Nurgle Chaos Army...or Armies?!

Howdy folks!

Wow! Almost two weeks without a post! That's no good! It's not that I haven't been super busy, I just haven't had a chance to wrap any projects up! After the Heldrake, I've been working hard on the Chaos Daemons and Good Game's second and third WHFB tables, my birthday was mid-last week, and, while projects and glue are drying, I've been working on my Nurgle army!

For those of you who don't remember, I traded that ork army I had that caused me so much grief for a Nurgle Chaos Marines and Daemons army in so-so shape. Nothing I can't fix, of course, but I've been using this army to repurpose models I've had sitting around forever and finally give them life again! Dark Vengeance Chosen, old Land Raiders, Daemon Princes, and terminators, just to name a few! While its still WIP, you can get an idea of where this army is going!

The army is currently a mismash of various models and projects. These are functioning great as airbrush practice and let me play with them really quickly. Trying to decide if I want to make it two separate armies; CSM and CD, but we'll see what happens. Plan is to sell them eventually.

The Forgefiend with his little Nurgling passengers! Love this model, he painted up really nicely really quick!

I know, no one really runs Predators, but the lot had one so I had to paint him up and get him rocking! The Dozer Blade comes from an old IG Chimera kit, and really helps the Nurgle feel, methinks.

Typhus and his Terminator Sorcerer. I repurposed my old Princes of Ecstasy Terminators I had, gave them all Combi-Weapons and Power Axes, and Nurgled them up. The squad will go in the Land Raider in the back; somehow, I'm missing the sponsons for it, so I may have to order some new ones. I also speed painted some Plague Marines (on the left) to give the army some lasting power. I'd like to do all DV Chosen for them, but we'll see how that goes. Not pictured is the Plague Zombie Cultists I did back in May; I've got 50 of them, and currently half are painted.

The Daemon side of the army! The lot I got had right about 30 Plaguebearers and a Herald, so I've slowly been working through them. Been a simple job with the airbrush, then all the nasty areas were done with washes of red, purple, blue, and yellow. The Herald got some extra time being a HQ and all. 

I picked up a box of Nurglings when I was in Nebraska visiting my little brother in May, and have only finished one base of them. They paint up really quickly, and with Shrouded and Swarms, these guys are perfect for sitting on objectives! 

There's a couple things missing from these pictures; namely a Heldrake and the big group of Plague Zombies, but you can get a feel for what I'm going for here. Like I said, I'm trying to decide on whether or not to make both groups separate; if I go that route, the CSM will be Typhus and his bodyguard, lots of Zombies, some Plague Marines, Heldrake, Predator, and the Forgefiend. The Daemons will probably get another Herald, Epidemius, more Nurglings, and some Plague Drones. Might even go Forge World and get a Blight Drone or two!

If anyone has any suggestions on where to go with these armies, please leave a comment! I'm not a competitive gamer, so anything bashy would be appreciative! \

Alrighty, back to Slaanesh and terrain!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

6/17/14: Finished: Alpha Legion Heldrake

Hey guys!

So after finishing the Warhound Titan, I figured I could spend a little time getting a project of my own finished. I got my Heldrake about two years ago, soon after the release of the codex and, after magnetizing and building the monster, it sat on my shelf!

Over time, I got a base built for it and got the torso partially painted. Then it went back on the shelf, occasionally melting Dark Eldar Incubi and Marine Devastators before going back to its sad state. No more I say! So I got the wings primed and colored, glued the Baleflamer in (who runs the Hades Autocannon?!), and replaced his base with one from Dragon Forge Designs, to match the other Chaos Marines rocking his bases!

The beast in all his glory! I decided to glue the wings instead of magnetize them, as I'm sick of watching this monstrous beast drag his wings on the ground!

The fleshy areas were painted Sybarite Green and highlighted with a mix of Sybarite Green and Pallid Wych Flesh, and matches the daemonic skintone on the Warp Talons and Helbrutes. The cabling was painted Moot Green and glazed with Waywatcher Green to give it an evil glow.

A little bone for his tale, and the trailing cables continued the Moot Green. 

The underside was airbrushed with VGC Livery Green to give it an eerie, ghastly glow.

Trim, trim, and more trim! If I was a Chaos Lord, I'd sacrifice the Warpsmith responsible! The trim was painted Leadbelcher, washed Nuln Oil, then carefully lined with VGC Silver (I prefer the dropper bottle for my metals), leaving the washed metallic around the rivets and in areas to add depth to the metal.

Lots of freehanding too! That's done like the rest of my Alpha Legion; blocked in with Warpstone Glow, then highlighted with Moot Green. I try to keep the symbols to the Hydra, the XX, and the 'A' with chains motif.

The Dragon Forge Base! The Newspapers were taken from a Massive Voodoo tutorial found HERE; if you don't follow these guys, you're missing out, as their work is inspirational and their tutorials are some of the best on the internet. Its basic newsprint, glued together with matte varnish, touched with some paint to mimic type, and washed. Its a great effect, and I'll be doing it across the rest of my bases before the army is finished!

With this finished project, I'm one step closer to finishing my Alpha Legion! I'd love to see GW make a plastic Chosen kit, but with this, I've got some cultists and my Burning Brand Sorcerer to finish! Dunno if I'll hold onto the army when its finished, but we'll see!

Next up is terrain and Slaanesh/Khorne Daemons! Here's a sneak peek at a 54mm Raging Heroes Asharah being used as a Slaanesh Daemon Prince!

Stay tuned folks!