Thursday, October 2, 2014

10/2/14: Finished: Raven Guard Vehicle Group

Why hello again folks!

I have been really bad at updating the blog the last month or so! I've been incredibly busy, and its easier to update Facebook than to write up a post! I'll do a big backlog of stuff, but for now, I've got a group of Raven Guard vehicles!

The Land Raider is definitely not something you see in a lot of Raven Guard armies! Lots of weathering to break up the huge tracts of black and white on this guy, and freehanding and decals also help to add texture and detail to the surface.

Little raven is little!

The Mechanicum shoulderpad also breaks up the black and white! 

The side guns are magnetized too for ultimate versatility!

Ah, this is more like the Raven Guard! The first Drop Pod! Again, weathered to break up the black and white, and the freehanded Raven and decals add interest to the surface.

All guns are magnetized too, albeit a little snuggly. 

And number two! 

The Raven Guard assault a Nurgle fortress!

The last picture is a hint at a project I've been working on lately too. I've never lived in an area where Armies on Parade was a viable idea...until now! Expect pictures after the event, but I've been chugging along on the board! Its nearly finished, just have to do some final touchups and figure out army placement!

Alrighty! I've got some back pictures to show off over the next week or so, as well as some projects on the table at the moment. October is going to be packed though with something, well, TITANIC!

Stay tuned!



  1. Great sponge weathering on that drop pod. Really well done! LR looks great as well!