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7/13/14: Finished: Khorne/Slaanesh Word Bearers Daemons Detachment

Hey guys!

Been a lot of daemonic forces crossing the paint table over the last couple of weeks, both commission and personal! I'll share my new Nurgle guys soon but, for now, this post is for the commissioned group! This group consisted of:

  • Skarbrand (Made from the FW Bloodthirster)
  • Skull Cannon of Khorne (WHFB Hellcannon conversion)
  • 28 Daemonettes (The old Juan Diaz ones!)
  • Daemon Prince of Slaaneshi/Keeper of Secrets (Raging Heroes Asharah model)
  • 2 FW Renegade Psykers

Enough chit chat though, pictures!

Skarbrand! I received the model with an average paintjob. My client had me clean him up, rebase him, tarnish the wings, and sculpt a new axe.

I tarnished the brass with Nihlakh Oxide; it really compliments the red skintone and the green eyes.

The axe was built with cardstock, plasticard, and greenstuff. Not my best sculpting job, but it works!

The wings were tarnished with a dremel tool, and the edges were greenstuffed to show the old torn leather hanging off. The wings weren't totally destroyed so my client can run him as Skarbrand, a stock Bloodthirster, or Angraath.

The Juan Diaz Daemonettes. These were all secondhand models; they were stripped, rebased, and cleaned up rather nicely!

Just wonderful models!

That's a lot of death right there....

The first renegade psyker. Really creepy model, he painted up really quickly and to good effect!

Even threw a little script on the back for extra detail!

This is the second time I've gotten to paint this model, so it was really nice to come back and play with it again.

Even went for a skull tearing effect to really make the psyker look desperate.

The Skull Cannon of Khorne! Really interesting conversion, the hounds are Barghests from Puppets War, the cannon is a Hellcannon from Fantasy, and the rider is from the Chaos Warshrine!

Wanted to go for a glowing blood look, complimented with the greens of the rest of the army.


The Slaaneshi Daemon Prince! I'm sure she'd double nicely as a Keeper of Secrets too! The model is the limited edition Asharah model from Raging Heroes with the Terminator Lord familiar on the base.

The reds tie her back into the Word Bearers, as does the green on the book. Even opted for some tattoos and streaks in the hair to add to the Slaaneshi feel.

The pictures don't show it, but the Daemonettes also got flames on their loinclothes. I feel this really added needed detail to the model, and looks great too!

And the little familiar! The client had wanted to use the hand holding the book on the Daemon Prince, but preferred the sword and lash, so I still tried to work the book into the model!

And the finished group!

The Daemons of Slaanesh clash with Nurgle's chosen! 

Alrighty! Next up are a trio of Wraithknights, more Imperial Knights, some Necrons, and another addition to the first Legio Titanicus commission I completed back in May! Will have some pictures of my new Nurgle daemons too! Whew! 

Stay tuned and keep painting!


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