Monday, July 7, 2014

7/7/14: 'Serenity' Genghis Con 2014 Single Mini 3rd Place Winner

Hey folks!

So while digging through some pictures of older projects, I came across pictures of one of my Genghis Con 2014 entries I'd shown a couple pictures of, but never dedicated a blogpost to!

The final project ended up getting a sculpy plaque on the front that says 'Serenity'; that also got a butterfly to tie it into the rest of the project.

The model is Norbit from Ammon Miniatures, while the plinth is from Secret Weapon Miniatures. The butterflies are all handmade from paper which was painted orange then detailed with a fine detail brush.

The drool coming from his mouth is hotglue. I heated the gun, then put a small dab on my desk lamp and pulled down, stretching the glue. As it dried, I found the perfect bubbles and drips, trimmed them with an xacto, then glued them in place.

I tried a tarnished steel NMM effect; not perfect, but it did its job!

The base was done with a mix of paints and weathering powders. The skull is from a GW kit, and the tufts were added at the end to avoid any weird coloring!

This bad boy won me a 3rd Place award at Genghis Con 2014; I ended up bringing home four awards for four different projects this year, so its time to take my game to the next level and bring home some firsts!

Alrighty! I'll be back in the studio tomorrow, where I'll be finishing up lots of Daemons and getting ready to rock out some Wraithknights! Picked up a box of these bad boys too, so expect more Nurgle work too!


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