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7/20/14: Finished: Eldar Wraithknight Trio

Howdy folks!

I didn't get a chance to share my new Nurgle projects this week, but fret not! I'll get a post up on them next week at some point, I promise! In return, though, I blew through the latest commission to cross the painting desk and, boy, is this one a doozy! I've never had the misfortune to play against a Wraithknight (Toughness 8 and 6 Wounds?! Really?!), but I can't imagine playing against THREE! My Alpha Legion army wouldn't have a good answer for it, my old Guard would have had some issues, and my newest Nurgle force would still have their work cut out for them! Ahem...but I digress....enough chitchat, pictures!

The dirty trio in all their glory! The client has a deck-of-cards theme to his army; lots of harlequins with off-white, red, and black motifs. I was able to work this into each Knight by subtly theming each one to a suite; Diamond, Spade, and Hearts. 

As you can see, every option is magnetized. Wanna go crazy and run three Ghostglaive/Scattershield Wraithknights?! Go for it! Suncannons all around? Of course! All the magnets are consistent across all three models, so no need to keep track of each set either!

A shot of the bases before the Wraithknights were attached. My client's main opponent is a Children of Torment army (Slaanesh Black Legion), so he wanted them scattered across his bases.

'Diamonds' in all his badass glory! 

There's a gentle reflection effect done on his faceplate, and his pose, like all of them, evoke a look of urgency and attack. 

Love how his interaction with the base turned out!

'Hearts' braces for another shot! 

You can see the heart on the faceguard to designate him from the other two.

Those poor Terminators took some clean headshots, probably from the hiding group of Pathfinders. They're always a pain to find...

More freehanding for the Black Legion symbols!

And 'Spades', his left leg was cut and reposed to give him the appearance of leaping back from a missed enemy shot or attack. 

The checkering, I should point out, was done with a sharp blade and painter's tape. A general diamond pattern was cut out, and each individual piece was attached to the primed plate (black or red). Once affixed, they were sprayed with the airbrush the correct color, waited upon to dry, then carefully removed! Voila!

Little extra freehanding on his shoulderplate too!

Aww, that poor Aspiring Champion almost made it to Daemonhood....and no, he doesn't have two Chainfists, those Chaos Bayonets are crazy long...

Man, I had a lot of fun with this project! The client and I have been in talks about doing some Titans in the future so, fingers crossed, a Revenant or Phantom will cross the workbench! 

Alrighty! Next up are a whole mess of Imperial Knights, including one for Carl over at The Independent Characters which will be really cool, as well as more alternate Necrons, Nurgle Daemons, more zombies than you can shake a stick at, and an add-on to the Legio Metalica/House Raven commission I completed back in May. Looking forward to painting a Knight Lancer!

Also, Smells Like Wargaming will be moving house again the final week of July, so expect a minor delay in updates. I'm finally making my big move up to Denver with my girlfriend, which I'm incredibly excited for. I'm also going to have my own studio (!!!!) and be closer to more stores and conventions, so if anyone's in the Denver area, feel free to hit me up and maybe we can get a game in!

Things are heating up!


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