Thursday, June 18, 2015

6/18/15: Showcase: For Sale Astra Militarum Cadian Baneblade

Howdy folks!

Getting my Blogger game back on track! Will hopefully keep this pace going from now on, this is just as important as Facebook and Instagram!

This was a fun little repaint project I got a sudden urge to work on one night. I'd wanted to test out some basic camo effects with the airbrush, but painter's tape doesn't get that nice organic shape and I didn't have any masking putty. Cue a 1 AM run to our local grocery store for play doh! Worked the charm I'd say, and allowed me to focus on decal work and basic weathering. I also pulled an old Forge World Chimera Tank commander model out of my bits box and got him in the hatch!

As you can see by the title, this model is for sale; you can find the eBay auction HERE! As much as I want to do a Tank heavy Guard army at the moment, I've got too many projects as it is, so this guy is on the chopping block!

Up next is some Blood Bowl teams, as well as some work on my personal Imperial Fists army! Trying to get that Strike Force Ultra formation going....


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