Wednesday, June 24, 2015

6/24/15: Showcase: Imperial Fists Deimos Pattern Predator

Howdy folks!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I got a wonderful summer illness that threw a whole bunch of delays in my plans! I'm also working on a set of blood Bowl teams at the moment, but I figured I'd break them up with a mini project! A buddy of mine picked it up for me to paint as part of a trade we did. I always love working on some Forge World vehicles, so I happily obliged!

All weapon options are magnetized, from the heavy bolter/Lascannon sponsons, to the 4 turret choices. I personally love the look of the Plasma Executioner, couple it with 2 Lascannon shots and you've got overkill written all over it! The hatch also comes off to allow for Sergeant Chronus, who I'll be wrapping up for the tank in a bit! Such a lovely kit, even if Predators are hard to justify these days! The last picture shoes it's current state, which is immolating cultists in the fury of a dying sun! 

As I said next up is two Blood Bowl teams, I'm very excited to show these off! After that is Drop Pods, Iron Hands, and Infinity! OH MY!