Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3/4/15: Showcase: For Sale House Terryn Knight Titan

Howdy folks!

After selling the Nurgle army, I picked up some fun projects to work on in between commissions and in my spare time (since when do I have spare time?!) Of course, I had to get a Knight! This is now the 24th Knight I've done since the kit came out last March, and I'm not sick of them yet! Enough chit-chat, more pictures!

The House Terryn Knight in all his glory! It's been a while since I painted House Terryn, but its always fun! 

Of course, both guns are magnetized for max optimization!

Detail on the lower legs and tabard. The Tabard iconography was taken from the Knight transfer sheet, the Baneblade transfer sheet, and the Ork transfer sheet, of all places!

The cog symbol was stenciled on, while the aquila comes from the Knight transfer sheet. Gotta love the primary color theme on House Terryn; that red, yellow, and blue really looks nice all together!

The white horse icon really pops on the Knights!

The top carapace detail, complete with lens effect on the cockpit window!

Look at that, he's barely dry and he's already out questing with my House Hawkshroud Knight! The rascal!

For those interested parties, the eBay listing can be found here:

As usual, sorry for being so bad at updating the blog; obviously Smells Like Wargaming is still going at full speed, I just end up on my other social medias more! Next up is a White Scars detachment, lots of Tau, and more Space Marines, amongst other things! 

Stay tuned!



  1. Another great piece! I know all about the social medias...i had to completely abandon the forums. blogging and twitter sucks up so much time! Hope the knight sells quickly! That's an excellent price for all the work that went into it!

    1. Thanks Greg! I know, I wish I had time to post everything here, on the social medias, and on DakkaDakka, but then I wouldn't get any work done! Appreciate it, they usually go pretty quick, but we'll see!