Monday, February 16, 2015

2/16/15: Showcase: Questoris Knight Styrix Commission

Howdy folks!

Yet another Knight to add to the portfolio! I think I've done almost 30 now...I'll have to check...anywho, this one joins the Legio Titanicus/House Raven army I've been doing pieces for since May of last year. This client now has a warhound, 3 magnetized plastic Knights, and all five Forge World Knights! Not an army to scoff at!

The completed beast in all his glory!

'Grimaud' comes from the Three Musketeers, and follows the naming system for the rest of the army!

Left shoulderpad detail; if you're doing a lot of Knights, its definitely worth picking up the Iron Hands transfer sheet from Forge World. The skull and cog icon are from that sheet, and it definitely helps with the Mechanicum feel of the model!

Right shoulderpad detail; the sword decal is from the Eldar transfer sheet.

Really happy with the basing, the pieces are a mix of the Garden of Morr kit and the Arcane Ruins kit.

Some fall ivy was added to draw the eye and add some extra detail to the rest of the model!

Supported by House Hawkshroud and the Imperial Fists 1st Company, the Styrix stalks the ruined streets.

I'll have to do a full head count, but I'm certain I've done two dozen Knights since they dropped last year. Not that I'm complaining, I love the kit!

Tomorrow, I'll be dropping the results of Genghis Con; very good showing this year! Also have some Malifaux to start, as well as some other projects!

Stay tuned!



  1. Beautiful work. I particularly like the way the plates on the forgeworld knight fit together. Though he's the same scale as the other GW knights...he looks more put together...I always disliked those groin banners, and his groin plate looks so much nicer.

    Really nice execution of him!

    1. Little late on my part, but thanks as always Greg! Appreciate the support on all fronts, your Orks are looking amazing! I agree, the FW Knights really have an extra edge over the GW plastics. I also agree on the banners, I wish they were arm mounted, but I think when they're done right, they look fantastic!

      Thanks again!

  2. Thank you sir! I'm actually surprised your site isn't flooded with comments. It's some amazing work. I'm a bit envious of your clients. Hope to see some in person one day!