Monday, March 16, 2015

3/16/15: #MiniatureMonday One

Howdy folks!

Today is the first part of a new weekly series called #miniaturemonday, since I'm all over the social medias, why not bring that enthusiasm to the blog! Also posting from the phone, so we'll see what that does to the picture placement!

This #MiniatureMonday, we've got three projects to show off! First is the new Plastic Bloodthirster getting the ol' Smells Like Wargaming treatment! Love the model, so glad it got an update! The sinew on the axe needs a little touch up, and obviously he's missing his whip, but he should be done and for sale by the end of the week!

Secondly is the White Scars commission I've been working on here in the studio. Slow and steady with the white, I still have to finish the crew in the Storm, as well as complete three centurions, a Bike command squad, and the Space Marine captain to go with it all. Goal is to be done Friday with that, the client also commissioned a Knight, be I'm still waiting on some info before I get started!

Last, but not least, is the newest toy for my Imperial Fists, a bouncing bad ass Storm Eagle! I got this in a trade cheap from a buddy who'd gotten it on eBay, and boy oh boy, was it in bad shape! Some Smells Like Wargaming magic, and it's ripping and rearing to go! I included the picture of how lopsidedly built it was when I got it!

Still have a very busy week ahead, bit expect to see all these guys finished very soon ď

Thanks folks!

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