Thursday, February 12, 2015

2/12/15: Showcase: For Sale Nurgle Chaos Space Marines Army

Howdy folks!

So I finally found some time to wrap up this army! I picked up a big group of Nurgle models before I moved from Durango last April; one half became my Gold-winning Armies on Parade force, while the second half turned into this! An amalgamation of secondhand and spare models, this group of ragtag models turned into a great looking army, if I do say so myself! 

[eBay link goes here] I'm asking $1250 OBO for this army, which includes free shipping anywhere in the continental US. If you're interested in adding this army to your collection, please drop me an email at SmellsLikeWargaming at Hotmail dot com, and we'll hash something out!

The entire army comes in at 2200 points, and consists of:

-Chaos Terminator Sorcerer
-3 Nurgle Terminators
-Nurgle Land Raider
-20 Nurgle Cultists, perfect for running as zombies!
-Two 6 man Plague Marine Squads with Rhinos
-Nurgle Heldrake
-Nurgle Helbrute with Plasma Cannon
-Nurgle Forgefiend
-Nurgle Predator

Obviously, the terrain and Imperial Fists aren't included with the army! I had a lot of fun with this force, and it was a great way to practice using my airbrush and get an army painted! I'm just always looking for new and exciting armies to paint! Add this army to your collection today!


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