Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2/10/15: Showcase: Adeptus Mechanicum Detachment

Howdy folks!

Its been quite on this side of the Smells Like Wargaming front, I apologize! I've got some stuff to throw together and share over here, I promise!

This time around, though, we have a group of Mechanicum forces to join the Reaver Titan I completed last October! This group consists of:

  • Archmagos on Abeyant
  • 3 Thallax 
  • 2 Castellax Automata
  • House Raven Knight Titan
Enough chit chat though....

Family portrait!

The Archmagos on his Abeyant. The client wanted him with the hooded head and not the Dark Mechanicum character.

You can see he slots right into the base. Really enjoyed doing the displays and tubes of blood.

Beneath his hood, he's still human! How much so is up for debate....

The Thallax cohort; the hazard stripes denotes the special weapon, and all of them got decals to denote squads.

The duo of Castellax; again, like the Thallax, they got decals denoting each one, and got some extras to fill out their big shoulderpads.

The mechanicum decal comes from the Forge World Iron Hands transfer sheet; a must have for anyone working on Mechanicum, Iron Hands, or even Imperial Knights!

And the big boy, a magnetized House Raven Knight! Lots of fun on this one, finally found a shade of red for the airbrush I'm happy with!

And with the Thermal Cannon!

The client wanted the bare mech-skull look, which let me spend some extra time on the eyes and cables on the head.

Gotta love that hazard striping!

The checkerboard pattern comes from the Ork transfer sheet that comes with GW kits; saves a lot of time!

Mechanicum Automata clash with the servants of Nurgle!

Castellax take on a fell Helbrute of Nurgle!

The Archmagos and his Thallax bodyguard advance under the support of a House Raven Knight Titan!

I can't say enough how much I enjoyed painting these models! The thallax and castellax go together beautifully, and paint up just as well! The Archmagos has a lot of extra little details that really makes painting fun as well!

Whew! This week slows down quite a bit on the painting side, with a daytrip tomorrow, an early Valentines Day with the girlfriend, and Genghis Con on Saturday! I've got a post planned for my entries on Thursday, so stay tuned!



  1. Fantastic work! Been loving the progress on the twitters. Thanks for taking the time to share them with us all!

    1. Thanks Greg, always appreciate the support!