Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1/20/15: Finished: Sons of Malice Chaos-Aligned Knight Titan

Howdy folks!

So since the Knight model came out last March, I believe I've had the pleasure of working on almost two dozen of the beasts, either as commission pieces, for sale projects, etc. I love the model, they're amazing to work with, and with the transfer sheets, look great when done correctly! This Knight, however, is a departure from all the other ones I've had the pleasure of working on!

The model arrived with some conversion work done already, namely the Lash whips on the arms, as well as the Maulerfiend head on the Melta Cannon. I had a clear idea on where I wanted to take this model, and I immediately set to work!

Both guns are magnetized. Also not entirely sure why one picture has a warm hue and the other a cold hue...

Eye see you! You can also see the chains added to the neck area; the hooks are from the Chaos Vehicle accessory sprue.

The spikes are Carnifex and Hive Tyrant scything talons that were inserted into drilled holes and cut off at the end to fit the carapace. The hatch was bent to appear like it'd been wrenched open, and the icons are taken from various kits.

The Sons of Malice are renowned for hunting other Chaos Warbands, only aiding them if it helps their end goal of getting their homeworld back. 

The Sons of Malice skull was freehanded on the shoulderpad, then weathered to match the rest of the model.

Most of the decals were taken from the upgraded Chaos Marine transfer sheet; theres some really nice ones on there! 

Lots of jeweler's chain was added for a barbaric, rusted, and ancient look. It was painted off the model, then glued on, and finally weathered to match the rest of the model and to give it a rusty appearance. 

Lysander and his bodyguard move in to annihilate the rampaging Knight! (Rolled the dice for it yesterday, and Lysander's squad won out!)

What a wonderfully fun model to work on! I may need to do more Chaos-aligned Knights, maybe with a more Dark Mechanicus theme? We'll see! Next up is a House Hawkshroud Knight, hoping to get him entered into Genghis Con this year! Expect pictures of him in the next couple days!



  1. Really like all the subtle details on the knight. You didn't just put a spike in, you had a spike shearing through the armor. The way the armor plates are worn, and the really awesome symbols. All work really well together.

    If I had any critique, it would be the thousands hand marine on the base. He looks out of place. Other then the lenses on the knight, there isn't any blue elsewhere on the model, and your eye keeps popping to him on the base as a high contrast point.

    1. Thanks a lot Greg! Yeah I really wanted the armor to look like it had been sheared through, like the interior workings were becoming daemonic and truly evil.

      I would agree for sure, the Thousand Son ended up being a little too stark on the base. The client wanted to represent how the Sons of Malice hunted Chaos warbands, and provided me with the bits for him. I do like how stark he is though in compliment to all the orange on the rusting areas though, but I definitely agree with your statement!


  2. Oh really like the color scheme on this guy. Great work!