Thursday, January 22, 2015

1/22/15: For Sale: The Sanguinor

Howdy folks!

So like I've said, one of my big New Year's goals on the hobby side is to work through all my old, extra models and give them a purpose. Whether or not they make it into one of my larger projects, get shelved, or get sold depends on the piece!

This time around, I decided to get an old Sanguinor model I got secondhand years ago painted and ready for the tabletop! All my personal projects usually end up as practice projects too, so I opted for a general speed paint with an emphasis on actual metallic paints, as I've always seen those as an area I can improve on!

The beast! I opted for a Black Legion shoulderpad on his base to add narrative and theme.

Lots of fun with the little fiddly scrollwork! Easily my favorite part!

Lots of gems and icons everywhere! The sword was airbrushed; not my best turnout on a sword, but it does its job and compliments the large amount of red and warm golds on the model.

The Sanguinor ascends to crush the forces of chaos!

As stated in the title, this model is for sale! I'm going to leave him on my various social medias and here on the blog before opting for eBay. I'm asking $60 for him, which includes shipping to anywhere in the continental US! I do ship internationally, but we'll have to adjust for shipping costs! Sons of Baal, give this angelic monster a loving home to crush the enemies of Sanguinius! For Baal! For the Primarch!


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