Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5/28/14: ROADTRIP! Finished: Good Games WHFB Table #1

Hey folks!

I know I promised this post yesterday, but I had a lot of unexpected stuff come up yesterday and, alas, I was unable to post. I'm pleased to report, though, that my car is now running in tiptop shape after making some strange noises coming back from Farmington! I also had to set up my new phone and get some supplies for the airbrush, along with some other errands. But I digress!

This terrain set is the first of five WHFB-themed tables for Good Games; you all might remember the 40k tables I did for them over the last year or so. The next four are going to feature scratchbuilt terrain heavily, which should be a lot of fun! This table had deadline written all over it though. They got to me late, shipping took a while, which left me about 3 days to try and get this table finished around other commissions. I threw on my Sonic shoes and got to work!

The table has a Garden of Morr theme; lots of dead trees, fences, mausoleums, and a foreboding wizard's tower, perfect for the Watchtower scenario.

The ghostly oxidized copper color is Nihlakh Oxide sprayed with an airbrush.

Who doesn't love trees?!

You thought 40k buildings had a lot of skulls? Think again!

This kit is really nice but, like GW's other circular towers, just doesn't go together very well! 

My favorite pieces are the hobbit hole hills. A combo of hill and building, I wish I'd had more time to spend on these; time constraints suck sometimes! The doors are two doors from the Fortress gatehouse trimmed and glued together, the bits are from the Garden of Morr kit, and the window is an old 25mm base!

I also dropped off the Legio Titanicus commission to my client! He was very happy, as you can see!

And they look great on any table!

Alrighty! Next up is more terrain, another Warhound Titan, some necrons, and some Daemons! I've also been working on my own stuff recently, I'll try and get a post up tomorrow of some speed-painted cultists!

Stay tuned!



  1. Those models are stellar. I really mean it. Should be extremely proud of them.

    Table looks great as well. I just had the funniest image of 40k orks teleporting into the middle of a fantasy game....

  2. Thanks man, I really appreciate that! The table actually looks really good with 40k models on them too, the titans all have the same Garden of Morr kits on them, so they blend seemlessly into it!