Friday, June 6, 2014

6/6/14: Finished: Nurgle Daemon Prince and Forgefiend

Hey guys!

Sorry for the week of silence here! I was in Moab last weekend, celebrating one year together with my girlfriend, so the end of the week and early this week was devoted to that. Its beautiful country, and I've never been camping, so it was quite an experience! I'd started two projects before I left, though, and upon my return, jumped right into them! These are part of that Nurgle Chaos army I traded my old orks for, as well as just getting some paint on some old models I'm finally purposing!

First up is the Forgefiend! This was part of the Nurgle lot I picked up, so it has the Hades Autocannons arms rather than the Ectoplasma I'd prefer. 

I added some spare Nurglings to the carapace to keep the Nurgle theme going!

Lots of weathering powder work here, as well as some airbrushing effects. I'm really digging the green glow on the eyes and the chest, it compliments the burn on the cannons and the rust effects.

Lots of weathering, it's been a while since I could play with the powders!

The second was an old Nurgle Daemon Prince I had sitting around for ages. He deserved some paint, so I threw him into the Nurgle army! I'm gonna run him as a Chaos Daemons prince, as I'm just not a big fan of them in the CSM book.

I'll probably go back in with the powders and weather the armor plates more. I'm happy with the orange rust, but it'd look even better with the powders.

The sword was also a good opportunity to do a mirror effect with the airbrush. I've never had a chance to really do it, so I'm very happy with this result! The green was carefully painted in afterwards, washed, and rehighlighted back up.

This army is mainly airbrush practice, so I'm painting them pretty quickly and experimenting with effects and styles. Knights and superheavies are different from infantry, elites, and even monstrous creatures, so its all been a learning experience!

Alrighty! I'm currently working on another Mars Pattern Warhound Titan, as well as some Daemons and Necrons! I also just got another project in for fun; I'll be selling it like the Knights when he's done...



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