Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2/19/13: GenghisCon 2013!

Hey guys!

So GenghisCon 2013 has come and gone and, I gotta say, I can't hardly wait for the next event! I had a ton of fun running around, seeing new armies, new games, grabbing some swag, and chatting up some really great people the whole weekend! 

My biggest event, though, was the painting competition. First painting event, I knew I had a good shot in the competition, and its nice to see my work pay off. I actually talked to one of the judges following the event, and when she told me she pouted when my piece didn't come in first in the Large Model group, I knew I was doing good. I now know what it takes to win some more awards though, so expect some more one-off display based pieces to roll across the desk!

One of the other guys in our group walked away with 3rd Place in the Single Figure piece, so Durango Diceworks showed up and represented in the painting competiton! 

Sunday, though, was the gaming time to shine. Not being a Fantasy player, I just relaxed, watched some games, played messenger, and tried to find some deals in the vendor's hall. Some interesting events transpired though! First off, there was a Fire Alarm about 5 minutes into the second game. Kinda fun to watch a bazillion nerds wander out into the sunlight!

For game two, after everyone won their first games, the entire group got matched up against each other. Talking to the TOs, they changed the match-ups, pitting Mr. RTGamer against a rather nasty Teclis High Elf army! Boo hiss!

Best part though was our youngest player, Andrew, walked away with the Youngbloods award for the tournament! Way to go Andrew! Look out next year guys, there's going to be some stiff competition coming from this young man!

Alrighty! The best part about this weekend was that my Hobby Mojo is back in full swing! We're looking at Tacticon later this year, thinking I can get my Alpha Legion list tweaked, painted, and ready to roll for then, so expect some more Alpha Legion models and some lists to pass by on the blog!


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