Monday, February 25, 2013

2/25/13: Reinventing the CSM Codex to Run Myself Over

Hey guys!

A week without a post! Sorry to say I haven’t had a lot of time to paint, though that doesn’t mean when I have picked up a brush, it hasn’t been pure gold!


Since this shot, I’ve gotten 2 wights and a zombie finished. Should have the team done, minus basing, by tomorrow, if not tonight. You can also see a little WIP on my Chaos Lord. I’ve been playing more with the CSM codex, so I picked up a unit I figure will go nicely with a lord.

Lord and Talons

That’s right, Warp Talons! First off, their deep strike-blind rule is pretty meh, especially with the fact that you can’t assault off the deep strike. Possibly two squads, one on foot and one deep striking, could work…hmmm….

Anyways, I wanted to build a competitive Alpha Legion list so I can play it in more tournaments and have something finished I can kick around. The big unit, though, is:

  • Chaos Lord with Mark of Tzeentch, Sigil of Corruption, Jump Pack, and the Murder Sword.
  • 5 Warp Talons with Gift of Mutation and Mark of Tzeentch

It gives me a nice 3+/3++ on the lord, and a 3+/4++ on the Talons. The biggest thing with the lord is that with the pack, he needs to get into close combat fast and kill his target, and his squad should clean up the unit. In the game I got in yesterday, his squad mishapped, went into reserve, dropped, hung out, took some shooting, then the lord killed Azriel in a challenge. He then proceeded to become a spawn…


No, not that cool….

My biggest problem is keeping the Alpha Legion theme across the army, which means Cultists! I just haven’t figured out cultists yet. As an ex-IG player, I’ve ran a ton of Guardsmen, but cultists feel different. I’m digging the autoguns, but a 5 point model with no grenades and a 6+ save hurts. Even behind an Aegis Defense Line, they died pretty quickly.

Thoughts on the army:

  • Burning Brand of Skalathrax on the Chaos Lord (Ap3 torrent flamer ftw!)
  • Trade out Havocs for a Maulerfiend
  • More Power Armoured bodies, I had 21 in my last game…
  • Different marks on the Cultists (Khorne or Nurgle?)
  • Allies? Stick with IG or go with Daemons?

Sorry for the long-winded post guys! If you have any advice or tips for the army, please comment below or throw a post up on Twitter (@SLWargaming) or on the Facebook page ( Alrighty, back to painting Blood Bowl!



  1. Yeah, the only thing Cultists do well is die by the bucket-load. I've pondered giving them the MoK and then charging them into combat from behind the ADL and letting the hilarity ensue. I love the fiends, both of them, and Spawn can soak up a lot of wounds. I have to ask though.. Y No Hellturkey? because "The Helldrake does what the Helldrake wants!!"

  2. I don't have a Heldrake yet because I don't own a model! I'm probably going to pick one up next, that Baleflamer is awesome, and I have one, maybe two, in the next incarnation of the list.