Thursday, February 14, 2013

2/14/13: Nurgle Heldrake WIP and some SLW Gear!

Hey guys!

A week since I posted....I hate doing that....Things have been pretty busy on the Smells Like Wargaming front, as well as the Real Life world, so its not that I haven't been painting, its just I haven't been able to post! Lets just jump right into some pictures then!

Loving this Heldrake model! I've assembled 2 in the last week, and I'm sorely tempted to pick one up for my own collection! That S6 Ap3 Flamer is just too fun! Obviously, both shots are highly WIP, but you can see where I'm going with this. The first picture shows where its at right now, with the VERY VERY VERY orange rust all painted using Forge World's Orange Rust weathering powder. Plan is to get the whole model done up like this, do some minor clean up, then matte varnish it. From that point, I'll be able to work, wash, and weather the orange without myself or my desk looking like an Oompa Loompa!

I tried a new technique with the corrosion on the model. I opted for Vallejo's Black Lava for its chunky yet subdued look. Plan is to heavily wash and drybrush those areas to really give that corroded plague look Nurgle likes so much. 

As I said, there's still a ton of work to do on it, like nasty fleshy bits and some boney claws, but those are in the distance. Most importantly, though, is GenghisCon 2013! We're leaving at 5 AM Saturday morning to get there in time to enter the painting competition and relax a little bit. Thinking about hitting up the GW store in Denver, but we'll see! 

Anyways, anyone attending, keep your eyes open for a little Smells Like Wargaming gear! I'll be rocking this ghetto Smells Like Hat! I promise, I don't bite (hard, at least), and hey, you might get some cool SLW swag for saying hello!

Alrighty guys, I'll try to get another post up either tonight or tomorrow with a little magnet work I just got finished the other day, but we'll see how time permits! Otherwise, expect a TON of pictures from GenghisCon!


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