Monday, June 18, 2012

6/18/12: WIP: Forge World Giant Chaos Spawn!!

Hey guys,

So I’ve been getting some work done on Magilla’s Zoraida crew, as well as Donny’s next group of Imperial Fists. However, I also had a chance to sit down and work on that horrible Giant Chaos Spawn I picked up on eBay last week. Really nice sculpt, there’s a ton of details on him.


I opted to build him with the giant claws pointing backwards, I’d imagine he can swivel them around though.


I also went for a human skintone. It makes him look creepier than if I’d done him green or another color. The base is Liche Purple, then built up to Tallarn Flesh (Cadian Skintone?). After that, you mix a tan color into the Cadian Skintone and make the edges and gross areas really pale and pallid.


Just for the record, medical abnormalities make me squeamish. So far, I’ve had to look up cysts, jaundice, blisters, cataracts, and gangrene, just to name a few. Its all worth it for the art though…


And as he sits now. I’m really happy with the direction this model is going, and it’s a blast to perfect the skintone color I’ve worked on for so long.

Alrighty, should have most of the Malifaux crew finished by tomorrow, so pictures of that! Hoping to prime and get started on Donny’s Imperial Fists too!


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