Monday, June 11, 2012

6/11/12: Painting: Zoraida Malifaux Crew and a Fun New Project

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of updates last week. I keep meaning to get more pictures of the terrain I’ve gotten done for the shop in the last week. So far, we’re looking at the Temple of Skulls, some Craters, a watchtower, a Citadel Wood, and about 3 feet of Aegis Defense Lines.

Anyways, just figured I’d share what I rocked out today. Magilla Gurilla has been bitten by the Malifaux bug, and who better than to paint his crews than yours truly?!

Anyways, Zoraida, 2 Stitched Together, and a Voodoo Doll, all ready for the tabletop!

Malifaux 1

Gotta say, Zoraida was pretty fun to paint, even if she’s a horrible hag monster….Should have the Crew done on Wednesday; I have Lelu, Lelitu, 2 Sliurids, and a Mire Golem to do. One Sliurid was missing his head, so I’ll be emailing Wyrd in the morning.

Also, I managed to pick up a fun project off of eBay last night. Figured since Zahndrekh and the Witch Hunter sold, I might as well get something fun with the money!


Got him for about $40 cheaper than he’d be on Forge World too! Can’t wait to paint him up, he’ll be fun if nothing else. May have to break out the Jibberjaw rules out of the Siege of Vraks and let him hit the table.

Anyways, back to painting!


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