Monday, September 12, 2011

Tutorial Redeux: Combi-Plasma; Alpha Legion Update

Hey guys,

So after reviewing my latest tutorial, as well as reading a comment over at Col. Shofer’s blog HERE, I decided that my Combi-Plasma tutorial was poorly executed. So rather than repost the tutorial, I’ll just throw up my much better finished pictures, and edit the tutorial I did yesterday:



That’s how your Combi-Plasma should come out. Take your time and use the plasticard. I dropped two little pieces in as the base, glued a top piece on to level it out, then sanded the plasticard to match the roundness of the Plasma Nozzle. Then its just a simple matter of Greenstuff to fill in the cracks!

This took me about 25 minutes or so, but is extremely easy to do!

Also, I got impatient and managed to get a little more use out of my Scorpion Green. I got the Powerfist for the Aspiring Champion almost finished; I need to do the cords and hit the metal with a light wash.

So his Power Weapon:


and the detail work therein:


To the Power Fist:


and the detail therein!


Damn light sheen. I’m debating on another box of Chaos Marines or a box of Khorne Berserkers as my next project. Any ideas guys?

Alrighty, hopefully my paints come in tomorrow so I can continue work on the Alpha Legion! And go check out the Redone Combi-Plasma Tutorial!