Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Painting and Modeling: Granesh’s Alpha Legion Marines

Hey guys,

So I finally went out and picked up my second desk lamp for taking pictures, a fire alarm in my campus apartment (nothing, of course) persuaded me down to Wally-World. I immediately started taking some new shots to see if the lighting made a difference. I think it did.


Old Dreadknight picture.


New Dreadknight picture!

I feel like it helped, just need to build that lightbox now…


I’m also still working away at my Alpha Legion army. I must say, I’m having a blast, mainly working on smaller details and freehand work. So far, my total points for what I’m working on or have finished is:


  • Daemon Price with Wings and
    Warptime: 155
  • Daemon Prince with Wings and Warptime: 155
  • Khorne Chaos Lord with Lightning Claw, Combi Melta, and Personal Icon.
  • Chaos Sorcerer with Doombolt.


  • Chaos Terminator with Aspiring Champion (Combi Melta/Lightning Claw) and Two Terminators (Combi-Melta/Chainfist and Power Weapon Combi-Flamer)
  • Chaos Chosen with Aspiring Champion with Power Fist, 2 Combi-Plasma, and a Meltagun in a Rhino with Extra Armour and a Combi-Melta.


  • Chaos Space Marine Squad (X10) with two Flamers, Icon of Khorne, and an Aspiring Champ with Powerfist/Power Weapon and Bolt Pistol.


  • 4 Chaos Bikers with 2 Plasmaguns and an Icon of Chaos Glory, with Aspiring Champion with Powersword.


  • Chaos Havocs X5 with a Missile Launcher in a Rhino with Extra Armour and a Combi Melta

Kinda a mishmash of Marines right now, but I have a direction they’re going. The list above has me at 1585 points, so I’m at about 1500 if I get rid of the meh HQs and throw in another identical CSM squad. This army is going to be strictly WYSIWYG as soon as I have a fun 2k army: If I want to change something, I’m gonna have to break pieces off or build new models.

My plan though, is 2 Boxes of Bloodletters, another box of Chaos Marines, and a Vindicator. Past that point, I don’t know where I want to go. We’ll see as time goes on. Anyways, less talk, more updated pictures!


Aspiring Champion with Powersword (above) and Power Fist (Below). Thanks magnets!



The first Chaos Marine Squad and their Rhino!

My Chaos Chosen so far. Hey Combi-Plasma, haven’t I seen you before?!


‘We are LEGION!’


Champions hanging out with the Sorcerer.


Sorcerer and the first Daemon Prince. I’m thinking about sticking the sorcerer in with the Chosen and infiltrating up for some trouble!


Chaos Bikers: The key trick to my army. Just need to get that Icon guy done…


And finally, the Khornate Biker Champion for the second squad of bikes. Kill! Maim! Burn!


I currently have the second Daemon Prince sitting on my desk, as well as the two other Terminators and the Icon Biker. As soon as they’re finished, I’ll be picking up my next Chaos Marine Squad.

I’m also in talks with a couple of commissions. Expect some more Chaos Marines and Blood Angels to pass the painting desk soon!



  1. Really, really, GREAT WORK!
    Those images are totally AWESOME!!
    Love the scheme and you paint mastery haha!
    Great wooooooooooooooooooooork!
    You got a new follower! ^^

  2. I love the colour scheme on those marines. Awesome stuff.

  3. @Alviro: Thanks man, I really appreciate the comments, and such enthusiasm!
    @The Amethyst Studios: Thanks man, it's a scheme I just kinda stumbled across. May have to divulge my secrets soon....