Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tutorial: Pimp My Bolter: Combi-Plasma; Combat Patrol Start?

Hey guys,
Sorry for the slow weekend here on the blog. I beat Space Marine on Friday, and must say, it was a blast! Just need my roommate to jump onto the Playstation Network and let me play as my beloved Imperial Fists or Alpha Legion!
Anyways, I put together my next installment in my Pimp My Bolter series. Very simple, very quick, and very cost-effective too!
Materials Needed:
  • Bolter
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Plasticard/Green Stuff

This is what happens when you’re an Art Major/History Minor, and you get bored in your Art History Class:
As you can see, I like to keep the top-style for my combi-weapons. I did change some stuff from the drawing: Lets let the tutorial speak for me….
1) Trim the top and the top nub on the front off of your bolter, just like the Combi-Melta tutorial.
2) Take your Plasma Pistol, and remove the front nozzle area. Trim down the bottom of the nozzle slightly so that its flat.
3) Affix the nozzle to the front of the bolter so that it sits just above the bolter muzzle.
4) Cut the Plasma area from the bottom and hand pieces. Trim it down slightly as well, so that the top will line up with the top of the Plasma Nozzle.
5) Affix the Plasma Coils bit to the top of the bolter. Its up to you to move it so it sits flush with the Plasma Nozzle, but I’ve found moving it back gives it more of a Plasma Gun feel.
6) Using Plasticard, fill the gap between the Nozzle and the coils. A little Greenstuff will fill in any unwanted cracks.

7) Remove the handle and affix to your Marine! Let the plasma rain down!
This is going to go on one of my CSM Chosen soon, so I’ll let the Green Stuff dry and my paints to come in the mail before I do so!
I hope this helps, the Combi-Plasma bit is in the same vein as the Combi-Melta in that it comes in just one box and goes for a TON on bitz sites! Next up: Combi-Flamer!
Also, I’ve been playing around with the Ork models I have in order to start work on my Combat Patrol army for Adepticon (assuming no kinks are thrown in my plans). For those who don’t remember, the list is:
  • Big Mek with Kustom Force Field
  • 11 Shoota Boyz with a Big Shoota and a Nob with Power Klaw/Bosspole in a Trukk
  • 12 Shoota Boyz with a Big Shoota and a Nob with Power Klaw/Bosspole in a Trukk.
The trukks may have Armour, but I can’t remember. Anyways, it’s a fun, fast, and potentially good Combat Patrol army. Here’s my work so far. The group is going to be an Evil Sunz Speed Freaks style army, so Reds, Yellows, Tan/White, and Checks!
I feel like the color washed out too much thanks to the lighting. He’s a AoBR Big Shoota with a Deffkopta Pilot’s head.
Also in progress is a Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole. The bosspole is going to be done seperately, but the Klaw was lying in my bitz box. Some careful cutting, and he was done!
Really having fun with these, though I feel like doing the boyz is gonna drive me crazy, especially at the level I want to do them at. Anyways, slow progress on them around commissions and Alpha Legion!

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