Monday, July 18, 2011

Open Forum: What are you Listening to? (Part Two)

Hey guys,

So its been a little bit since I did a post devoted to a non-commission subject. I’ve been really busy with Real Life right now, so all my posting has been for the business, and not quite my regular hobby stuff. So, as I said in the last Open Forum POST, lets pack this one full and get some conversation going too!

First off, for those still interested, the Imperial Fists have 8 Hours left until the auction ends on eBay. You can find the auction HERE.


Looking back at my podcasts almost a year ago, my listening schedules and what I listen to has changed drastically.

October 2010, I was listening to Worlds End Radio, The Gamers Lounge, 40k Warcasting, and 40k Radio. My lineup now is:

1) The Independent Characters


Easily the best 40k Podcast around right now, they cover an equal amount of gaming, hobbying, and anything else crucial to the hobby. I especially like for their Forge World episodes, where they’ve reviewed everything from Vraks to Apocalypse II. I also advertise on their show, so if you haven’t started on podcasts, or at least on this one, click the IC’s logo in the top left side of my Blog. Carl, Geoff, and Zach are all doing a great job with the show, and I have no doubts this will be the top 40k Cast for a long time.

2) Life After the Cover Save


I’m a sucker for fart and sex jokes intermingled with my 40k talk, and Josh, Blake, and Ed have this perfectly balanced in their show. Their segments are informative, and their jokes get so funny, I’ve actually had to stop painting or the model would be wrecked. Great show, definitely a good “turn your brain off and paint” cast.

3) World’s End Radio

images (1)

Still one of my favorites, this cast is great for an equal balance of all GW games, as well as Wyrd and Privateer Press. The show has changed a bit since JJ moved to the East coast of Australia, but the content is still good, and Luke, JJ, and Mike all work together brilliantly.

4) The Eternal Warriors/Dice Like Thunder


Kind of a mixed bag for me, I really enjoy listening to these guys, as well as their previous show, Dice Like Thunder. Dan, Dave, CSwizzy, and Rich mostly talk about All Things Awesome, though I’m not big on the Privateer Press talk; I wasn’t a huge fan of Warmachine when I tried it. I still go back to old episodes of Dice Like Thunder and listen to those, as there’s a lot of good content from these guys.


What’s missing now? So 40k Warcasting just up and disappeared. Not the best show, but they were getting better, and its just a shame they went poof.

The Gamers Lounge dropped the 40k Talk and went pretty hard down the Malifaux track. No one in my gaming group is interested in the game, so I never picked up any models for it. I’m sure they’ll trailblaze the Malifaux Podcasting phenomenon, but aside from the occasional 40k piece, I’m really not interested in the show anymore.

Finally, and I hate to say this, but 40k Radio bites now. Their Adepticon episode was nothing but a giant Battlefoam advertisement, and, despite Rick’s hilarious banter, the show doesn’t do it for me. I have 4 episodes unlistened to on my iTunes, and right now, I have no plans on listening to them. I’ll pull up the old Spencer 40k Radio episodes I have hidden on my computer and rock those occasionally, though. 


So what’s everyone listening to now? I know The 11th Company is popular, as well as the Drop Pod Cast, but is there anything else I should be listening to?

Painting night tonight with Jimmy diGriz, I’m hoping to get some better shots of my Alpha Legion guys, as well as the Daemon Prince! Pictures tomorrow!



  1. Deadmau5....
    Lol, I like 11th co the overlords and the independent characters. The screaming heretic is also another good one.

  2. @Uncle Buck

    Your podcast is awesome

  3. I currently listen to about 4 different podcasts. I will keep your suggestions in mind for when I am looking for other podcasts to listen to.

    These are not in any particular order.

    Imperial Vox Cast

    The Independent Characters (Where I heard about you and hired you for the Space Wolves commission, lol.)

    40k Radio

    The Eternal Warriors

  4. So dude. You were completely right. I listened to a latcs podcast today and it was hilarious. I seriously laughed a good portion of the way through the podcast. Good recommendation.