Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SLW/ The IC’s Finecast Contest Update; More Wolves!


Hey guys,

So a couple of things to take care of today. First off, I should have the Space Wolves painting finished by Friday. My work schedule should hopefully be slowing down in the next two weeks, meaning that I can get my backlog of stuff finished up.

Regardless, I’ve got 10 Grey Hunters to finish to get the commission nearly done. Thinking its time for a good Lightbox too…ugh.



Grey Hunters


Banner Dude


Long Fangs


Rune Priest

I did find some patches I need to clean up, but they’ll all be done by the time I Varnish and ship them out!

Also for today, for those of you who don’t know, I’m a sponsor of the Independent Characters. Easily my favorite and the best 40k Podcast on the web right now, they cover everything from painting, gaming, Forge World, and everything else you could want.

Anyways, I was running the SLW Citadel Finecast Model contest over there. To sum it up, you sent in why you thought you deserved to win a Citadel Finecast model. After a little back and forth with Carl and Geoff, we decided on this:

Hey guys,

Just wanted to throw my hat into the Finecast Contest.

I would like to add a Finecast model painted by Smells Like Wargaming because I plan
on using it to tempt my friend and neighbor Brandon into learning the game of 40K.
For the last few years, Brandon has been my friend and neighbor. We golf together,
grill chunks of red meat together, imbibe the occasional alcoholic
know, casual neighbor stuff. I never delved further into Brandon's interests or
hobbies because he just didn't seem like he was in to the same things as I am.

The one day over a beer and some ribs, Brandon asked me about a picture I posted
online. He correctly identified it as a Land Raider and immediately piqued my

It turns out that Brandon has been hiding a reasonably sized Ultramarines force in
his house. He started collecting them because he thought they looked cool at a
hobby store. He used painting the models as a means to relax after work. He painted
everything based on what he saw in pictures. He was aware of the game, but had
never been given an opportunity to learn.
I have been giving Brandon various materials to read; the AoBR "Read This First"
book and the Codex Space Marines. I have been inviting him weekly gaming nights and
local tournaments. He seems genuinely interested, but hasn't quite made the
commitment yet.

This is where the professionally painted Finecast model comes in.
I think a well painted center piece model for his army would really be the tipping
factor. A cool character to inspire him in gaming and hobbying. A Finecast model
painted by Smells Like Wargaming would fit that bill perfectly.

Thanks for the consideration.
Kronos on the forums.

Get a guy fully into the hobby with one of my pieces? I’m flattered! After getting into contact with Ken, he decided to go a little bit bigger than just a standard HQ model:


Marneus Calgar, Lord Macragge and Honor Guard.

The point of this contest is to show my readers and the listeners of the show that Citadel Finecast isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be, as well as do a fun, different character model from something I would usually paint. I think this will take the cake. I just got the box, amongst some other things, ordered today, so keep an eye open for Granesh’s review of Finecast, as well as its final paintjob!


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