Sunday, July 17, 2011

Painting: Grey Hunters and Iron Warrior Havocs

Hey guys,

So I’ve been trucking along on the Space Wolves, as well as the occasional personal project or two.

First off, 13 Grey Hunters, finished bar the drilling of the gun barrels and the bases.



I think its just the fact they’re not based that keeps them from looking finished. I’m going to base everything at once, so the whole army should come together at an instant. I’m currently working on 5 Meltagunners, so that’ll be 18 finished. Hoping to get these done by Wednesday, assuming my other job FINALLY dies down…damn restaurants…

I’m also getting more work done on the Iron Warrior Havoc squads. I had a couple Marines left over from my old Battleforce, so I’ve been getting some variant model painting practice done.



Finally, I did get a chance to assemble the Daemon Prince to the point where I don’t need Green Stuff yet…


…Not really far, huh? I’m planning on changing the position of his arms, as well as building him a daemonic Chainaxe glaive thing. I’ll probably get rid of the goofy middle finger thing the Daemon Prince kit has for some reason…


Phew, more work on the way!


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