Monday, September 27, 2010

Open Forum: What are you Listening To?

Hey guys,

So I haven’t had a lot of time to blog or work on my own stuff, so I apologize for the lack of original pictures. I also have a bunch of schoolwork this week, so I’ll have at least one more post this week, so lets pack this one full and get a little conversation going too!

First off, I’ve gotten my second commission in, so I’m doing Skaven and more Bad Moonz Orks right now! Here’s the first real finished piece: Ork Weirdboy!



The first picture is a little dark, and when I got the model, the paint was still a little thick when the commissioner basecoated it, so some of the details are gone, but all in all, I’m happy with the model, and I’m sure the commissioner will be too.

Anyways, I wanted to cover an interesting topic that a lot of people have discussed and talked about on different forums: What do you listen to when you paint? More importantly, I wanted to cover Podcasts. Now apparently, there’s been a lot of drama and problems between Podcasts, frankly something I want to stay away from. SAVE THE DRAMA FOR HIGH SCHOOL AND YO MAMA!

Looking at my iTunes, I have 4 regular podcasts I listen to while I paint, blog, write lists, etc.

#1: Worlds End Radio


By far my favorite podcast I listen to, Luke and JJ just celebrated the show’s 2nd Birthday a few weeks ago. The podcasts are funny, Luke spits puns on a regular basis, and the information they cover is insightful and helpful. I always jump back to old episodes if I’m painting something they’ve covered before, such as Episode 31: Caught in the Rat Race, while I’m working on those Skaven.

#2: 40k Warcasting


An interesting choice in my Podcasting queue. Shrek, Kelly and Graham have gotten a lot better since their first episodes, and for a while, even their tactics and ideas just didn’t fit my mood. However, they have been going after a more open forum discussion style with multiple guests, and are on their way to becoming an excellent podcast.

#3: Gamer’s Lounge


I stumbled across these guys while I was searching for a replacement for 40k Radio (see below), and I’m loving everything they’re putting out right now, even the unpopular Malifaux cast they just did. Bill and Jay’s interview with Mike Brandt (Whiskey and 40k) is still fun to listen to. I’m hoping for a Warmachine/Hordes review here soon.

#4: 40k Radio


Possibly the most controversial 40k Podcast next to Dice Like Thunder, 40k Radio has had some interesting times to it. I put up the original picture for the 40k Radio I got into, and I still listen to the older episodes with Spencer, Scott, and Chipley. Romeo and Rick are trying to bring back the older style of the show, but unless they step it up a bit, 40k Radio is quickly falling by the wayside.

Honorable Mentions:

I’ve listened to a couple of different podcasts over the last two years. My favorite one was The D6 Generation, but the episodes were so long and about things I didn’t play, I stopped listening to them. I TRIED listening to Dice Like Thunder, but they just seemed like Power Gamers and I gave up on them quickly.

So how about everyone else? What are you listening to? What do you reccommend I should start listening to? I want to get an open discussion going of what everyone listens to while they do their hobby!




  1. I've started listening to a number over the past couple of months, and a lot can have some good stuff if you can wade through the chaff, the bj jokes and the overly done self-referencing.

    The two that have more consistently appealed to me have been 11th Company and Independent Characters. Like many of the casts they can be on the long side (who decided 40K podcasts should take longer than the games?) but with timestamps and clear segments I can skip over stuff I don't care about.

  2. I did try the 11th Company, but I wasn't quite keen on what they were talking about. I've been meaning to check out the Independant Characters, though. As for length, as long as they're talking about 40k or Fantasy, I'm happy!

  3. EvilEd does a weekly review of 40k related podcasts here:
    i listen to most of them...

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