Monday, June 15, 2015

6/16/15: Showcase: For Sale House Hawkshroud Knight Castigator

Howdy folks!

As promised, the second Knight to show off is a Knight Castigator, done in House Hawkshroud heraldry and rocked out in a dynamic pose like it's ripping through enemy lines!

I came into this model through various means and knew it needed some yellow! The various decals on the kit came from Eldar, Baneblade, and Imperial Knight transfer sheets and really helps with the heraldic theme!

I still need to try him on the tabletop, but this model is already up for sale on eBay! You can find the auction link HERE!

I've been doing a little spring cleaning here in the studio, so tomorrow's showcase is another super heavy ready to hit a battlefield near you! Stay tuned, it's back to Dark Eldar with me!



  1. Beautiful model, shame you're hsving to part with it

    1. Thanks The GunGrave! It was part of a commission, the client wasnt happy with the pose so we just did a trade for the model. Not a sad thing Im selling him, Ive just gotta hit my bottom line!