Thursday, January 15, 2015

1/15/15: Finished: Logan Grimnar and Friends Space Wolves Army Commission

Howdy folks, and Happy New Years...what do you mean I'm two weeks late?

Anyways, I haven't been neglecting the blog here, I was hoping to make this my first post of the new year, and after I finished the Iron Hands Storm Eagle, I took a break for the holidays. Did some personal projects I need to show off here at some point, but I was hardly idle!

This commission was a long time in the making; after selling a Space Wolves Drop Pod I'd painted for fun earlier this year, the customer got in contact with me about doing a Space Wolves force for him. He'd had poor service and results from another service I won't name here, but I told him we'd get him a force he'd be happy with! The army consists of:

  • Logan Grimnar on Stormrider
  • Arjac Rockfist
  • 20 Blood Claws with 2 freehanded Wolf Standards
  • 3 Venerable Dreadnoughts, one of which being Murderfang
  • 2 Stormfang Gunships
  • 2 Stormwolf Transports
Enough chatter though, you want pictures!

The completed army, save for the fliers.... they don't fit in the picture! Very happy with how the army looks all together!

Very happy to see Logan Grimnar get an update in a plastic kit! I hope GW releases more of the older powerhouses, like Dante or Abaddon, in a form like this! 

And with Stormrider! The model is magnetized to his base, so you can place Logan either on his ride or let him slog across the battlefield!

Had a lot of fun with Arjac here, the client specifically wanted him to have a black skintone. Gorgeous model, even in Finecast!

The first squad of Blood Claws with freehanded Wolf Standard. Lots of fun with the banner!

Design is based off the art in the Drop Pod's entry in the 5th Edition Codex. Only thing not freehanded was the howling wolf; its a decal, which was then painted over to tie better into the painted look of the banner.

And the second Blood Claws squad! Wanted to go with a simpler design, so I enlarged the Wolf Stalking the Stars design. Still a lot of fun to do!

I was surprised, but I actually loved working on this model! The mix of colors and techniques just makes him a treat to paint!

Close up of his face and chest armor; the insignia is two transfers, placed then trimmed to fit the space.

And who doesn't love Venerable Dreadnoughts! The first one got an Axe and Shield.

The Second one is fully magnetized!

All that arm detail, and he can even switch over to the Axe and Shield in the end if so desired!

Stormwolf Transport #1. Each vehicle got a different marking to distinguish between them, and the different types got different colored canopies to clearly distinguish types across any sized table!

All the sponson weapons are magnetized too!

Stormfang #1; I opted for lots of brass to really make these look old and venerable.

Don't mess with the Helfrost Cannon!

Here's a close up on the base detail; its done with Agrellan Earth which, when dried and cracked, was washed and painted various shades of blue!

Stormfangs bring down an Alpha Legion Heldrake with ease....

...while Logan Grimnar engages a monstrous Great Unclean One!

And, because I couldn't find pictures of it on the blog here....'s the Drop Pod that started it all!

Great way to start the year off I believe, these were a pleasure to work on! I've got a couple more projects slated for this month; a couple of Imperial Knights, a Valkyrie, and a Riptide, along with preparations for Genghis Con next month! Should be a very busy rest of the month, so stay tuned!


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