Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12/17/14: Finished: Iron Hands Storm Eagle

Howdy folks!

Been keeping busy this week, especially with the holidays approaching, but I've still found time to get paint on models! I've got a Brother Captain Stern I finished for a friend I should be posting in a day or two, but this time, we've got a Storm Eagle, done in Iron Hands livery! Lots of fun working on this guy, even if assembling these bad boys are a pain in the ass!

The monster is already laying the smack down on some Nurgle Chaos Marines!

Opted for a purple accent color on this bad boy, along with white to help break up all the black.

Games Workshop needs to get on making some Iron Hands transfers; as much as I love the Forge World ones, some easier to obtain ones would be so much nicer!

Gotta love those Rhino doors!

I had a lot of fun working on this model, though black isn't necessarily my first choice for an overarching color theme! 

I've got the rest of this month on the slower side due to the holidays, but I've got a couple personal projects I want to try and get through in that time. Expect some little one-off projects and things in the next two weeks! 

Stay tuned too, I'm going to try and start running more contests and things through my social media outlets! Very exciting!



  1. Great work! I like the purple accents, wish there was a few more scattered about! Sponge weathering looks great, especially since you used it on the transfers as well, which really integrates them into the piece.

    1. Hey thanks Greg! I do too, there just aren't a lot of surfaces to integrate the purple in. The pictures are a little dark, but I did do the rockets purple, as well as the engine glow colors.


    2. Ah! I didn't see the rockets. Should give us an under shot if you spent so much time on the underside! :) Happy holidays!