Thursday, August 7, 2014

8/7/14: Finished: Knights of La Mancha House Raven Commission

Howdy folks!

First off, I apologize for the lack of updates the last couple of weeks. I've just completed my big move, and am now located in Denver! I've been checking out a couple of stores in the area too, so be sure to drop me a line if anyone wants a game, to chat, or get a commission done!

I've been working my butt off too! Just got internet back yesterday, so I've got a HUGE backlog of pictures to post! Lets start with the most recent one though; a duo of Knight Titans, House Raven scheme, with a modified theme around Cervantes' literary work 'Don Quixote'. Enough blather though, lets jump right to pictures!

The heroic duo!

The first is 'Quixote'; he was supplied assembled, so the only things magnetized are the feet to the base.

His heraldry is a Necron Powermill, which was freehanded onto his tilting plate and his shoulderpad.

The Necron theme also continues onto his base!

The second knight is 'Cervantes'; I opted to run his name down the length of his carapace, rather than the front, due to spacing issues.

His heraldry is a chalice made from the converted heraldry of House Raven, full of blood to represent the lives he's responsible for protecting.

Both knights have a little extra detail on the back of their tabards for that extra touch!

And the bases! You can see the simplicity of the magnets to hold everything in place! The client also wanted dinosaur skulls on the bases; a throwback to their fluff in Rogue Trader as essentially giant herders of livestock!

Quick, easy, and looking good!

Lots of fun with this commission, the knights have been rolling in! I've got another to show off tomorrow, as well a trio coming soon and a Knight Lancer and bodyguard to accompany the Legio Titanicus commission I did back in May. Getting a lot of work done on the Nurgle Daemons too I need to show off, so be sure to stay tuned, there's a lot coming down the pipeline!


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