Friday, April 25, 2014

4/25/14: Finished: Sanctuary 101 Good Games Terrain Set

Hey folks!

Things are starting to wind down as I get ready to move, once again. Durango's been nice, but there's better opportunities for an artist like me in different places. More information as things progress, but I'll be moving to Denver in July, so all my Denver fans, expect to see my goofy mug on the Front Range!

Anyways, been busy getting Good Games ready for Lost Souls. They've commissioned five tables total: A standard grasslands, an icescape, an Armageddon Ash Wastes board, a Moonscape, and this one. I want the terrain to have character and feel to it, like its telling a story as the combatants swirl around it. This time, we opted for Sanctuary 101: the Imperium's first real encounter with the Necrons, an entire shrine world was wiped out mysteriously, as Necrons are want to do. This board was supposed to have some hand-built pieces, but time became a factor, and we couldn't do that, unfortunately.

Anyways, pictures!

The battleboard was done with a mix of Army Painter greys and browns; the main tan color, however, was Krylon Camouflage: Its matte, and comes in a variety of earthy tones perfect for military miniatures!

Cookie to whoever gets the reference :)

Love the bunker kit, it never goes together that well, but it looks great when its all done!

My two favorite pieces. We originally were going to go with the Battlescape and just convert the Rhinos into Sororitas vehicles, but GW discontinued them. They're affixed to the new Quake Craters instead. 

My business card is on the other side, these little billboards were made using said business cards, 4 of the Aquila struts, and 4 steel girders from the CoD kits. You could very easily print off propaganda or paint up a Slurm board to go in there instead.

The table certainly has a desolate sadness to it all. I did the extra little lights on the buildings by airbrushing a quick green onto them to match the glow effect from the skulls on the table.

The Imperium is built on dead Cadians...literally!

Whew! Best part, this table was completed in two days of work. I'm very happy with how it turned out, as were the clients!

Working on some personal projects before I move, but when I get to my summer destination, its time for something...TITANIC! 

Stay tuned!



  1. Table looks great! Hope the client really enjoyed it. Would be great to play on that!