Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4/15/14: Finished: Deathwing Assembly Commission

Hey guys!

So about a week ago, I was approached via email by a gentleman just getting into 40k. Having just trashed a unit of Devastators, he said, he was looking to get a squad of Deathwing Knights assembled, as well as Belial, along with both his weapon options. I was happy to oblige, of course!

Now, here at Smells Like Wargaming, we do, in fact, perform just assembly commissions. I charge a little bit more for assembly than if I was building AND painting the models (I prefer that, of course), but can build and magnetize everything from Tactical Marines to Land Raiders and even Forge World monstrosities! That being said, pictures!

Now look at that Watcher in the Dark, and tell me they aren't all Chaos Marines in disguise...

The Thunder Hammer is from the DW Knight kit, and the Storm Shield is from the old Dark Angels Accessories Sprue.

He looks like a boss with that Storm Shield, even if it looks a little small on him!

Alrighty, time to start on a C'tan and the fifth and final table for Good Games!


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