Sunday, December 22, 2013

12/22/13: Necron C'Tan and Friends Commission WIP

Howdy guys!

So just a quick little post for this fine Sunday morning! I'm headed down to Good Games to pick up some additional product for painting that TERRAIN last week and play some games this afternoon, so I should be back in the studio this evening to wrap up the Necrons.

I just couldn't hold back my excitement here; the pictures aren't great, but I really wanted to share the progress on the Necrons for those of you who don't keep up on Facebook or Twitter (shame on you!)

The C'Tan! I've always wanted to paint this model, so when the opportunity presented itself, I had to jump on it! I wanted to go with an "Emerging from his Essence" look; he is a Star-God, after all! 

I continued the galaxy effect into his shoulders and chest, where the robes meet the body. This model is finished, and if time presents itself, I'll try and do a tutorial on the galaxy effect, I've had a very positive response from the community with it!

Rockin' the waterslides! The Necron Waterslide transfer sheet is just pure awesome, lots of little ones and big ones to customize and really add character to your pieces. I had to opt for the gold, as the black ones wouldn't show up and the green would stand out.

I've dubbed the Destroyer Lord "Mr. Grumpy Destroyer" for shits and giggles; its not my fault he hates everything! Used the gold on the head to denote rank, and did the same galaxy effect on his Resurrection Orb so I could play with it some more.

This picture is a little outdated; right now, the C'tan, the Lord, and the 3 Heavy Destroyers are done, minus their guns. I've got 5 Praetorians to do, and Wave One is complete! Wave Two is 3 characters and 10 immortals, and Wave Three is 2 Doom Scythes, 6 Tomb Blades, and a Triarch Stalker. Stay tuned for these waves in January!

I would have had this commission done yesterday, if I hadn't been so busy with work and getting everything ready for the holidays! I still have gifts to finish up and errands to run, and I have to have these guys done by Monday evening! Whew! Gonna need me a LOT of Monsters!

I will have a blog post up on Monday night or Tuesday morning with the completed commission, so stay tuned for that! Smells Like Wargaming will be out of the studio from the 24th to January 2nd, as I'm visiting family for Xmas and my girlfriend for New Years. I will still have my phone and computer, and so will be on Facebook and Twitter, as well as email, if anyone needs to get a hold of me. Expect a special Year in Review post around New Years; I love looking back on my projects for the year!

Tally ho!


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