Sunday, December 1, 2013

12/1/13: Finished: Alpha Legion Helbrute 'Lernaea'

Hey guys!

Happy December! Can't believe we're nearly done with 2013! Got some fun plans coming up in 2014, so stay tuned on the social medias, as well as here!

Its been a strange week! Last week and early this week, my girlfriend was in town, so that's dominated most of my time. I managed to clear my commission schedule though, so after she left, I had a little bit of a dilemma; what do I paint for myself! My Alpha Legion army is a constant WIP army, so I decided to do a little hack-and-slash and get my Helbrute converted and ready for the tabletop!

Here he is, in all his ugly glory! The markings on the base will be explained in the fluff later; I've wanted to go all out on this army, so not only are we going to see fluff, but a fully modelled display board as well!

The skintone on this model was the toughest part. Its a mix of Caliban Green and Pallid Wych Flesh, highlighted up to pure Pallid Wych Flesh. Mixing the color made the project a little tedious, but easily worth it in the end. The color sticks out perfectly and contrasts the dark turquoise of the armor.

Love the head on the model, though if I was going to do another, I'd probably throw a helmet on it. You can also see a minor mess-up on the waterslide transfer in this picture. Even the pros make the occasional mistake!

The detail on Lernaea's right arm plate. I opted for a quick hydra motif; I may go back in and play with it a bit, I'm only partially happy with it so far. Lernaea is the full name of the greek Hydra myth (the Lernaean Hydra fought Hercules, who bested it and completed his 2nd task), and I figured it was rather fitting!

I was aiming to have this bad boy finished by sunday, as I'm driving down to Farmington to pick up a new commission and play some 40k, and really wanted this guy to show off my paintwork. Its gonna be cool, my fully painted group playing on my fully painted terrain. I'll be sure to include some pictures!

Glad to have this project knocked out! I may do another one soon, but we'll see. I own 3 Helbrutes, and this is the only one I've assembled and painted. World Eaters, perhaps? Iron Warriors? Emperor's Children?! Next up is some more terrain for Good Games, the shop I'm visiting today (Wave One HERE), so expect pictures of the terrain again, as well as new pieces! Should have another Battleboard to do in that wave as well! Expecting Necrons and more Khador soon as well, so its going to be a busy December!

Stay tuned!



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    1. Why thanks! I opted for the off-green skintone on my Warp Talons, and its just kinda progressed through the army! Got a Heldrake and some Obliterators that should get the same color treatment, so stay tuned for that!



    Uh, I mean, that looks pretty cool.

    1. Don't suppress your excitement and awe! ;)
      On a more humble note: Thanks, glad you like it!