Wednesday, November 20, 2013

11/20/13: FInished: Imperial Baneblade "Dominator"

Hey guys!

So I've had this kit sitting around for quite some time and, every time I tried to paint it, I just couldn't get into the project. I'd eventually reprimed it grey and left it at my shop, where it sat for a couple of months. Finally, leaving work on day, I saw her sitting on the shelf in the front and decided it was time to paint her up!

When I started, I opted to mainly use weathering powders to achieve shading and texture. I overbrushed a layer of light grey over the medium grey basecoat I'd primed her. After that, I used Forge World's Black Soot, Dark Earth, and Orange Rust weathering powders. Remember to wear a mask while working like this, you end up with a lot of dust!

Really love using transfers, especially on big kits such as this. "Dominator" and "32" are both from the Baneblade transfer sheet. I need to do a tutorial on waterslides, they're so easy to use and add such a nice effect!

Again, from the Baneblade Transfer sheet. You can also see, in this shot, the sponge weathering technique used to chip and mottle the edges of the tank. I find it best to do two layers of sponge weathering. First directly on your basecoat to begin adding detail to the piece. The second is after you've weathered and distressed the tank. The matte varnish used to keep the powder on will, obviously, matte the Chainmail as well. Apply a second sponge coat after the matte varnish selectively, and the chipping will gain some depth.

Basic Cadian tank commander from the old Leman Russ kit. I've got more of these guys than I know what to do with! He was given a simple paintjob to match the rest of the tank. This is the Guard, after all. Battle Tanks before Bros!

The rear of the tank. I've never been quite sold on the whole "Shrine on the back of my tank!" theme, so I opted to weather and dust it like the rest of the tank. I picture this tank rolling through some nasty ash-storm planet during the 13th Black Crusade. There's no time for polishing and fixing up the tank! The purity seals were lightly highlighted with Pallid Wych Flesh to still give the illusion of paper, but otherwise, it was chipped, dusted, and sealed like the rest of the tank. 

And finally, the big girl in all her glory. As you can see, the turret comes off, as does the front and side turret sponsons. The heavy bolter sponsons move up and down, but not side to side.

For those of you interested, 'Dominator' here is for sale! I don't play enough Apocalypse to justify anything of this sort, so I'm looking to send her off to a good home where she'll blast traitor and xenos alike to smithereens! I'll post her up in the ++FOR SALE++ section of the site for a couple days, then she'll go to eBay!

If you have any questions about the tank or how it was painted, please leave a comment or send me an email; I'd be more than happy to help out!

Alrighty! Going to be a slow week on the painting front with my girlfriend in town, but we're looking at more Khador and some Orks coming next! Stay tuned folks!



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    1. Thanks a bunch! I really want to paint some more superheavies now! Maybe a weathering tutorial is in order soon...hmmm....