Tuesday, August 6, 2013

8/6/13: Finished: Alpha Legion Cultist Squad #1

Hey guys!

So I wanted to show off a project I'd gotten done recently as an off and on project. As you all know, my current army is Alpha Legion Chaos Marines, and as a result, I've been painting a crapton of cultists! I finally managed to get the first squad done! I'm running them with 10 Autoguns, 7 pistol/ccw, 2 flamers, and the shotgun sergeant, mainly to keep with WYSIWYG. The pictures didn't turn out as nice as I'd hoped, but they'll do until I finish the army and get group shots. Anyways, pictures!

Little details like tattoos, markings, gems, etc, really add character to a horde unit like this.

I'm unsure about keeping the gob-cultists in right now; I may swap them out or rebuild some new ones that fit more with the current group of cultists.

The amount of skin on some of these models can be intimidating, but you've just got to buckle down and rock through it!

Anyways, figured I'd share these bad boys with all y'all! Back to painting!


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