Monday, July 15, 2013

7/15/13: Painting: Apocalypse Steel Legion Infantry; Another Loremaster of Hoeth!

Hey guys!

Awww crap, two weeks without a post?! It's been a killer-busy two weeks though, lemme tell you! I spent the weekend of the 4th of July visiting my girlfriend, which is always nice, but as soon as I got back, I started to work on these guys! Lets just jump in, shall we?

Here is the Imperial Steel Legion army as it sits at the moment. Right now, we have finished:
  • 2 Heavy Weapons Squads (6 Lascannon, 6 Heavy Bolter)
  • Platoon Command Red
  • 5/5 Infantry Squads (Red)
  • Platoon Command Blue
  • 2/5 Infantry Squads (Blue)
  • Platoon Command Green
  • 0/5 Infantry Squads (Green), but the 4/5 Sgts done!
  • A random smattering of Legionnaires, ranging from Lasgun guys to artillery and additional Sgts.

The Heavy Weapon squads are labeled by letter and number (ie: A1, C3), to allow for squad designation.

The picture for the Red Platoon Command disappeared...hmmmm...
Here, though is the entire Red Platoon! You can see the designations on their bases, allowing for identification during a game.

Blue Platoon Command. I wanted to play with an activating Power Sword effect, its ok for a tabletop model such as this!

Work continues on the Blue Platoon, should have them finished tomorrow after work!

And Green Platoon and their Sgts, they'll be done on Wed-Friday. 

The second Heavy Weapons squad group. Really happy with these guys! 

And a smattering of random guys. As I progress through each tray, I seem to find more and more Steel Legion, many of which don't have a group to go in, or would feel off (multiple missile guys, for example). They'll all work into a squad by the end!

And lastly, the army with an unfinished Green Platoon added in for effect. Lining them all up like this is nice, as I can finally visualize the direction of the army and where everything is going!

Also got another commission from my local High Elf player, wanting another Loremaster and some horses painted. The Horses will come soon, but here's the Loremaster! When he gave them to me, he was already painted, so it was a case of washing and cleaning up a tabletop piece.

Whew! So the rest of the week is Steel Legion, followed by Space Wolves and an interesting commission I'm sure to take pictures of. Stay tuned folks, I'm hard at work!


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