Thursday, June 27, 2013

6/27/13: Painting: Canis Wolfborn, Chaos Cultists, Loremaster of Hoeth, and More Diceworks Terrain!

Geez, almost two weeks....

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts this time around, my boss was out of town last week, meaning I was running the store all week. I love my job, but that much time in a hobby shop means blogging was the last thing on my mind! This, however, doesn't mean I didn't get any painting done! Lets jump in, shall we?

First up is everyone's favorite Catdog, Canis Wolfborn! This is the 3rd or 4th Canis I've painted, but I really wanted to go all out on this one. Sorry the pictures aren't better, I'll get really good ones when I'm taking final pictures of the commission. 

The Thousand Sons bit that comes with the standard Wolves was too cool not to throw on his base, and adds some extra color to the base.

My one gripe with Finecast; Canis' face never seems to turn out right, I just wonder if its the sculpt or the material...

'Kitty kitty! Wait...' Personally, I really like Canis' Thunderwolf mount. He's bigger than the other ones, and the entire model looks really imposing. I think you have to mount him on a rock or tilt him backwards more though, as it seems to look more natural overall.

Tuesday was my 22nd birthday (Ol' man Granesh!), so in between work and going out, I sat down and did a little work on my own pieces. I'm 3 cultists away from my first completed squad. The second squad is going to be more converted than this one, these are mainly stock Dark Vengeance cultists with my little Gob-cultists thrown in too.

One of my local clients asked if I could do a couple High Elf pieces really quick; seeing as we're starting our Badab War campaign soon, and I need some Space Marines, I quickly obliged. 

First up is a Loremaster of Hoeth. Really nice kit, the pose takes a little getting used to, but after a little painting, it grows on you. There's also a High Elf Battle Standard Bearer coming soon, so I should have pictures of that tomorrow.

We've also started working on more terrain for our Durango Diceworks group! This year, our focus is on the 40k terrain, which is all good with me! Our first set is going to be a jungle city, inspired by Games Workshop's 40k jungle set. 

I just love the sandstone look, and the use of clump foliage, aquarium plants, and string vines, really makes the entire thing. So our first addition is a modified Marine statue!

Since the shot was taken, I've washed some of the cracks, and added a little gold. Next up is a little vine-work, then I'll add some clump foliage and plants to it. I've also started a building in the same style, may need to do some additions to it though, we'll see.

Alrighty! This weekend is going to be a little scarce on the painting end, as my girlfriend is coming down from Denver to spend the weekend with me. I'll be going up there around 4th of July, so there should be at least one more blog post before the holiday weekend! 

Next up is Elves, the conclusion to those Space Wolves, and more IG than you've ever seen before!


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