Saturday, June 15, 2013

6/15/13: Painting: Space Wolves Land Raider Spartan & Some Cheeky Little Grots

Hey guys!

So its been a little bit since I threw a post up, but I’ve been working diligently this last week on some sweet, new projects. I was outta town last weekend visiting my girlfriend, but as soon as I got back, I jumped right into some sweet, new projects! Lets get started, eh?

So first off is a Land Raider Spartan, part of a larger Space Wolves commission I’m slowly getting through. I gotta say, this model is a BEAST. Its huge! All resin too, which is always fun!


I misplaced my Chaos Land Raider, so I haven’t gotten a shot with it yet, but it’ll come soon.

LR Door Detail Shot

There is no transfer in the SW Decal sheet big enough for a Land Raider, so I just freehanded this guy on. The picture makes the black look a little streaky, but its been cleaned up since.

WIP Detail

The client wanted ‘RUSS’ somewhere on the tank, so its in a couple places instead! This is detail of the top, right below the Heavy Bolter mount. Really happy with the filigree!

WIP Comparison Shot

I love scale shots, so here’s a picture of this guy next to my Giant Chaos Spawn. That’s one big Land Raider!


A slightly washed out picture, but you can see the piece as a whole. I added yellow to the back end of the tread pieces to break up the large spaces of grey Space Wolves vehicles seem to suffer from, just to add some color and pop.


For Russ!

I’ve also, just to keep myself on my toes, been playing with a squad of gretchin. After my wonderful little incident on eBay, I figured I’d slowly paint the whole group up, rock them, then sell them. Grots are my favorite unit in the entire book, so I picked up a box and jumped right in!




I’ve mentioned the grots in a POST before, but I just feel these models have so much potential and so much character, I just have to go to town on each and every one. I should probably finish my cultists before I jump into them, though…

Anyways, I’ve got some projects coming up this week, including Space Wolves, High Elves, and more Armageddon Steel Legionnaires than most of you have probably ever seen. Stay tuned folks!


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