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3/25/13: Gaming: Taking the Chaos Codex to Strange, New, Levels

Hey guys!

So I’ve been painting my butt off this weekend, should have pictures of the finished Imperial Guard commission by Tuesday. I’ve also got my Senior Art portfolio due, so we’ll see how that bad boy goes.


This, however, doesn’t mean I haven’t had a chance to play some games! My class was canceled on Friday, so a buddy and I headed down to the shop to get a game of 40k in. My list was:

1500 Point Chaos List

  • Chaos Lord with Jump Pack, Sigil of Corruption, Murder Sword, and Mark of Tzeentch.
  • Chaos Sorcerer (Mastery Level 2) with Sigil of Corruption, Burning Brand of Skalathrax, Spell Familiar, and Mark of Tzeentch.
  • Five-man Warp Talon squad with 1 Gift of Chaos.
  • 2x Five-man Chosen Squads with 3 Combi-Plasma, 2 Combi-Melta, and a Lightning Claw in Rhinos with Extra Armour and Combi-Melta.
  • 2x Twenty-man Cultist Squads with 10 Autoguns.
  • Heldrake with Baleflamer.
  • Helbrute with Twin-Linked Lascannon and Heavy Flamer.

My buddy was playing the dreaded Dark Eldar (rocking some old school models too!). He had some interesting units, mainly Drazhar in a squad of Incubi, lots of Wyches and Warriors, some Trueborn, a Succubi (Stupid Agonizers….)and lots of Dark Lances. I ended up holding my objective and slaying his Warlord (Drazhar + Helbrute = Dead Squishy Dark Eldar!), while he killed my Warlord and got first blood (stupid Rhinos….), which resulted in a victory for the Dark Gods!


Oh noes! Unpainted models!

I had a couple of realizations, but there’s still some things I need to get past. This is my planned army for Tacticon later this year, so I need this guy to be decently rounded.

  1. Heldrakes are NOT for friendly games. Mine came in and torched the Incubi and a Squad of Wyches, probably cleared his points back in a single turn. My buddy didn’t have any anti-air, but in a tournament, its tempting to run two of them. His S7 Vector Strike is pretty nice too!
  2. The Burning Brand of Skalathrax is amazing! My Lord/Warp Talon Squad doesn’t have any shooting, so throwing the Sorcerer in there allows access to some nice Psychic Powers, as well as a Marine-killing template weapon.
  3. Helbrutes don’t suck anymore! Last time I ran Dreadnoughts, I rolled four 1s in a row and killed my own Daemon Prince. This time, his Lascannon popped Drazhar’s Raider and opened him up to some Baleflaming.
  4. Cultists are a mixed bag. The models are sweet and they’re dirt cheap, but I’m still trying to get them to really work. I left one squad on my home objective, while another sat in reserve and blew away a Wych squad that wiped out the first squad. Do you mark them? Give them a Flamer or Stubber? Give them a Defense Line? I’ll have to play with it.
  5. Chosen….Chosen….Still not sure if I’m digging them. I’ve got them as my anti-armor squads, but they just don’t seem to do what they need to do. They really just blocked LoS to the Cultists, gave some Warriors a target before the Jump Lord hit they, and tied up some Wyches.

Alpha Legion and Rhino

So I’m really digging the list, though there are some changes I need to do. Tacticon 2013 is looking like 1750 points, so I’ll have some room to throw things in. A couple ideas are:

  • Drop the Sorcerer and throw a Daemon Prince with Dimensional Key in. Let him hit something, kill it, and deep strike my Warp Talons in.
  • More Jump packs. Warp Talons are fun, Raptors would be neat as well.
  • I need anti-2+ armor. The Chosen feel too gimicky, so something like a Maulerfiend.
  • Allies? Daemons or Imperial Guard would fit the Alpha Legion theme nicely, so I can go either direction.


So any ideas guys? I’d love some feedback on the list and what direction to take it! Expect more updates on paint this week!


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