Friday, March 22, 2013

3/22/13: Painting: Imperial Guard WIP and Alpha Legion Cultists

Hey guys!

So I've been incredibly busy the last couple of days! Not only have I been rolling through some projects, but the ever-looming date of my graduation has me scrambling to get everything done for school. I am now managing the FLGS, which is a huge step for my career, which is weird to think that I've essentially got the next 5 years set in stone. Anyways, more on the FLGS later. You all want to see some pictures!

First up is the Griffons finished for Snake Eyes' Imperial Guard Eagle Warriors addition I'm working on. The scheme is very unorthodox, but works great on the Imperial tanks overall.

Figured I'd throw a little homage in for my client as well! You can see the extensive weathering on the tanks as well; its a combination of sponge weathering and graphite edge lining. I'll have to find time to rock a tutorial on it.

Not to be left out though, I've been slowing working through my cultists. The first 10 are completed, although I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep that particular Gob-cultist in, seeing as running them without a mark seems to work better overall. When the squad is done, I'll get some more close up shots, I'm hiding a lot of detail on these models!

There's no way I can just go pure grey-brown on these guys. The models are covered in green flames, chaos symbols, and little Alpha Legion tattoos and clothing art. Just have to decide on whether to stick with the plain-ish bases or go with more Dragon Forge urban ones. We'll have to see...

'Less hours, less Emperor, less work, more Chaos!'

Whew! So up next on the block is the completion of this IG commission, a High Elf dragon, some Vampire Counts, and, coming soon, Space Wolves! Have the Blood Bowl Playoffs on Saturday as well, nearly have the Orcland Raiders fully painted, just in time to shelf them! I'll get some pictures of them soon. 

Keep painting!


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