Thursday, February 7, 2013

2/7/13: Upcoming Projects and Commissions

Hey guys!
Posting from the phone today, will go in tonight and clean this post up, but I figured I'd show off what projects are coming up from Smells Like Wargaming! Neil's Grey Knight Henchmen are very close to being done, and should have them finished by next week. But we've been busy here, so let's work down the line.
1: Thunderwolf Space Wolves: Should be an extremely fun project, we're looking at:
-Canis Wolfborn
-15 Thunderwolf Cavalry
-10 Grey Hunters
-1 Drop Pod
The insane number of Thunderwolves will make this project fun, and will be the first collaboration project between myself and RTGamer. He'll be rocking out the wolves, while Ill get the marines finished.

2: Jason's Imperial Guard: Lots and Lots of Forge World! I love painting new projects and models, and this is chock full of them!
-1 Primaris Psyker
-20 veteran Guardsmen with FW Hazardous Environment Upgrades
-2 Griffon Mortars
-2 Vendettas
The tanks are going to be the most fun, I haven't done IG models since I did my own Guard, and I've learned a lot since. Expect a lot of increased techniques and methods on the tanks. The Vendettas are getting those gorgeous FW decals on the wings, so I'm excited to get to play with those kits again.


3: Chaos Marines Heldrake: I thought this model was bigger! The wings add a lot onto the size, but its really a gorgeous model. The client is looking for a Death Guard/ Nurgle theme with a swampy base, so with a little work, its going to be a gorgeous model overall.

4: Ogres Ogres Ogres!: One of my bosses is also one of our best clients, and both myself and RTGamer have been doing a lot of projects for him and his son. Most of the ogres and high elves that have come over the blog have been for him. He's been getting his pieces ready for Genghis Con, so expect more Ogres to come through in the next week!

Alrighty! More class today, then work. Perhaps ill get some more assembly and painting done tonight? We'll see!

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  1. Yay FW!! I think those IG will supplement my Eagle Warriors quite nicely :)